Five For Friday: “Black” Songs

Decided to go with something easy and give you five "black" songs, i.e. songs with the word "black" in the title. I’m sure you’ll have far more than five suggestions of other songs, and I’ll probably use those next week or whenever.

  1. The Beatles, “Baby’s In Black”: From Beatles For Sale in the UK and Beatles ’65 in the US, inspired by a girl who wore black clothes for Elvis.
  2. Lefty Frizzell, “The Long Black Veil”: Written in 1959 by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin, the Frizzell version is the original. It was later covered by Johnny Cash and The Chieftains, sung by Mick Jagger, the title track for their album from 1995. It’s been covered many, many more times.
  3. Johnny Cash, “Man In Black”: The Man In Black explains why. Title track from his 1971 album.
  4. Amy Winehouse, “Back To Black”: Title track from Amy’s second and final studio album.
  5. Alannah Myles, “Black Velvet”: Someone commented that you don’t listen to this song, you feel it. From her eponymous 1990 debut album.

And that’s Five For Friday for January 14, 2022.

17 thoughts on “Five For Friday: “Black” Songs

    1. Good to remember! My memory of songs they play at Irish bars is slipping away, but the ones I’d go to would do this one as well as “The Unicorn” (which was Shel Silverstein) and “Seven Drunken Nights.”


  1. Hi John – great selection and with the additions via the comments … I’d still go with Amy Winehouse … she had the most amazing voice … cheers Hilary


  2. Love the selection.. The Long Black Veil is my favorite…the version I know best for some reason is The Band’s version.


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