#bloganuary: ‘Cause I Don’t Wanna!

Today’s prompt, from the service department in Placerville, California: What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

In the just over ten years (my first official post was January 9, 2012, ten years and one week ago) that I have run this blog, I have gone out of my way to keep the blog as free as possible from causes I’m "passionate about." I’m not about to screw that up now, not for Bloganuary or anything else.


15 thoughts on “#bloganuary: ‘Cause I Don’t Wanna!

  1. I do hear politics in the background when you wrote this :)..see I usually write out the emoji than actually use one:)). I am passionate about animals like Betty White and I would love to volunteer at a shelter. My hubby donates to World Wildlife Fund too. Every time I hear about an animal getting shot like the 20 wolves outside of Yellowstone, I cry. I applaud you not saying anything because so many causes are passionate which means emotions can get in the way.


  2. I think you can mention a cause without it being problematic, because a cause in my head it doesn’t have to be something as divisive as, eg, politics, or anything huge either. A cause I’m passionate about, for example, is habitat for native bees so I have a bee hotel (AJ’s Bee and Bee) with lots of native plants (for flowers) and a bird bath with rocks for their water. That’s my little contribution towards our native bees :)

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