I Can See Myself! #JusJoJan

Linda got today’s word from The Indishe: joy. Thanks to both of them.

Guess what "joy" makes me think of? A commercial…

I think we used Joy at home, if I’m not mistaken. I always wanted to do a version of this commercial where, after the lady says "I can see myself!", the plate breaks.

13 thoughts on “I Can See Myself! #JusJoJan

  1. Yes! We used to buy Joy as well. Funny “that Girl” commercial:)). I saw the bottle when hubby and I took the water taxi from the airport into Venice. I was sitting on top of the window sill of the boat. Man Is that how one spells “Sill”??


    1. You know, you’re right… the last thing I’d think of doing in a case like that would be trying to see my reflection in a plate. What if the person looking for their reflection was a vampire?

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