#bloganuary: Mystery!

From the Weather Bureau in Burlington, Iowa: Write about something mysterious.

Who writes these prompts, anyway?

It’s a mystery…

15 thoughts on “#bloganuary: Mystery!

  1. I love watching “Mystery” on PBS…one of my favourite channels and love those animations. Now, who does one sock disappear after you dry them?


      1. I haven’t watched PBS in a long time, do they even still have it? I used to go visit my older sister and watch it with her on Thursday nights. It was my getaway from the house night. When she passed I stopped watching.


  2. I have no idea what “Mystery!” is, but the sequence is very intriguing (and a little creepy – I assume cause it’s out of context).


    1. It’s a program on public broadcasting of mysteries, mostly from the BBC. The opening sequence is by Edward Gorey, a cartoonist who, like Charles Addams and Gahan Wilson, specializes in the macabre.


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