Mission Accomplished! #JusJoJan

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Linda tells us that Fandango provided today’s prompt, mission. Thanks to both of them for today’s start.

Of course, being a kid that grew up in the ’60’s and ’70’s, I was familiar with the TV show Mission: Impossible and watched it pretty regularly, at least at first. It wasn’t so much the show itself, but the theme song, written by Argentine-born Lalo Schifrin, who also wrote the theme for another show from the ’60’s and ’70’s, Mannix.

The most common time signature used in music is 4/4 time. In fact, instead of seeing it written out, many times you’ll see a C in its place. Lalo got these two to swing a little differently: Mission: Impossible is written in 5/4 time, as is the song "Take Five." Mannix is a waltz, in 3/4 time.

You just knew I would turn this into a music post, didn’t you?

9 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished! #JusJoJan

  1. I did not know the music was from the same composer. MI is played on our retro station on occasion-the tv station switches things up. I remember Mannix always getting beaten up.


  2. I love that theme song, and I, too, was interested in the time signature. I didn’t know about Take Five, though, which I also love. Great combo post, John.


    1. Most of the songs on Brubeck’s “Time Out” (such as “Take Five” and “Blue Rondo A La Turk”) used time signatures other than 4/4. 5/4 is the easiest odd time signature to figure out, because it shows up most frequently. It takes a lot of practice to master the odd time signatures, but they sound really cool.

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