Song of the Day: Telly Savalas, “If”

Actor and singer Telly Savalas was born on this day in 1922. Best known for his portrayal of Lt. Theo Kojak on the TV series Kojak, he also starred in movies such as The Dirty Dozen (1967), Kelly’s Heroes (1970) and The Birdman of Alcatraz (1962), for which he received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actor. He also had five albums to his credit, and his recording of Bread’s "If" reached #1 in the UK for two weeks and #12 on the US Easy Listening chart in 1976.

12 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Telly Savalas, “If”

  1. I’m sorry…but I can’t get into this song. To me, it’s just not that great and I kept giggling over the 70s look with his shirt unbuttoned, smoking and the very tight polyester pants. Hahahaaa. Sorry’bout that


      1. Yeah, but Shatner lived longer. And the guy has a great sense of whimsicality. Probably why he’s lived so long so well. I guess you could say Shatner actually lived well and prospered.


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