I’m A Survivor #JusJoJan

Linda got today’s word, surviving, from Wendy. Thank you, Wendy!

After I had my stroke, a friend of mine, who had had a serious accident on his bicycle and spent months in rehab, told me "John, don’t forget, you aren’t a victim, you’re a survivor." That might have been the best piece of advice I got.

Times are tough enough as it is. My right side is still weak, my knees are arthritic, I have a persistent issue with lymphedema in my right leg, and I spend practically all my time at home. It’d be real easy for me to develop an "oh, woe is me" attitude, but I’ve avoided that. I take the attitude that "any day spent above ground is a good one" (which my friend told me was the way he got through his accident) and do what I can do. I’m surviving the best I can.

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