It Started With A Journal #JusJoJan

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Today’s word, journal, comes from my good friend Scarlet. Be sure and thank her and Linda when you visit them

I started keeping a journal at the end of 1989, after Mary and I went on a Marriage Encounter weekend. Husbands and wives draw closer to one another by writing "love letters" to each other, and you get an official notebook and everything. (It’s kind of your "starter" notebook, with enough paper in it to get you through the weekend. After that, you’re on your own.)

I discovered on that weekend that I like to write, and that keeping a journal might be something I would like to do. The next time I went book shopping, I bought a book on keeping a journal. I discovered that you didn’t need any expensive equipment, just a notebook and a pen or pencil, and that the rules are simple: sit down with them every day and write about whatever crosses your mind.

I don’t really journal anymore; I have the blog for that.

7 thoughts on “It Started With A Journal #JusJoJan

  1. What a great idea to write love letters. I have over 100 letters my parents wrote to each other. I miss that form of communication.


    1. The act of writing down the things you’re upset about is a proven therapy. Seeing the things that are upsetting you written down in your own handwriting is a tremendous help.


    1. I find that I do so much writing for the blog that I’m too tired to do much more writing, so I haven’t kept a journal in a while, although a lot of the blogging and other offline writing could be considered journaling.

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