#Bloganuary: I’m A Riot!

Today’s prompt, from the sales office in Mosinee, Wisconsin: What is your favorite part about yourself?

I dunno. I’m funny and I write well? Yeah, let’s go with that. Who came up with these questions, anyway? I know one thing I’m not doing next January.

15 thoughts on “#Bloganuary: I’m A Riot!

  1. You are correct-you do write well and you are funny. You are also knowledgeable in music. I think I have some wit…some call me half-witted:))


  2. I agree you are funny and you write EXTREMELY well! I’m not doing this next January either. I find the prompts from fellow bloggers much more interesting! My two cents,,,


    1. First, thanks! I’ll finish Bloganuary, just because I started it and replying to the questions has been an opportunity to write and be funny, but not again. I get the sense that they run it annually and that they’re the same questions every year…

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