In Praise Of Lawn Darts #1LinerWeds #JusJoJan

el gato malo, who runs the blog catitude, had a lengthy post where he spoke of how modern childrearing techniques have taken all the fun out of childhood. This was one of the first lines.

Linda runs both One-Liner Wednesday and Just Jot It January.

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22 thoughts on “In Praise Of Lawn Darts #1LinerWeds #JusJoJan

  1. We all still turned out alright. I remember having this horrible tin dollhouse with pointed sharp parts where I scraped the inside of my arm that drew blood and left quite the scar for a while….I hated that dollhouse.


  2. That’s one gato interesante! . His point, though, is not just that modern attitudes have robbed childhood of fun, but of serious danger that we kids had to learn to “deal with”, and that the skills so learned as children are fundamental to functioning as adults in a free society. Thanks for this pointer!


    1. In some ways, being told to get out and not come back until dinner might have been the best thing our parents did for us. We learned not to do things that could hurt us, and that if you did get hurt it was best not to tell your Mom. We also learned the fine arts of conflict avoidance and resolution and how to incorporate new kids into the ways of the neighborhood, and how to sneak into abandoned grocery stores and construction sites without attracting the cops. You know, important stuff like that.


      1. Indeed. The Wikipedia article on “lawn darts” is interesting in its own right. Growing up in apartment buildings, I had never met one (and this was the first I heard of them). Some things are just too ill-advised to deserve to exist.

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    1. Just a word in support for the kid who got one in the head when his brother threw it over the roof and hit him in the head.

      The death rates of children is far lower today when it was when we were kids and I, for one, am good with that.

      Sorry to peo on your corn flakes.

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      1. I don’t remember throwing a ball over the roof and hitting you on the head. Believe me, it would have beern one oif the highlights of my teenage years. Besides, knowing me, it’d end up in Mr. Londrigan’s back yard…


        1. You never hit me, but that’s the case that got lawn darts taken off the market. Some knucklehead killing his sibling by throwing the dart over the roof.


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