MMMM: Starbuck’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rocket”

Last Friday, as part of Bloganuary, I played the Atlanta-based band Starbuck’s debut album, 1976’s *Moonlight Feels Right*. The title track of that album was also Starbuck’s biggest hit, and while their followup single, “I Got To Know,” did well on the Adult Contemporary chart, that’s about as far as it went for them. They broke up in 1980, but have reunited for a few concerts in the 2000’s, including one at Chastain Park in Atlanta in 2013. There’s a video of them playing “Moonlight Feels Right” at that concert.

The core of Starbuck was keyboardist/lead singer/main songwriter Bruce Blackman and marimbist/vibraphonist/percussionist Bo Wagner. Sadly, Wagner passed away a few years ago, but Blackman is still writing songs and recording albums.

Today, I’m sharing Starbuck’s second album, 1977’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Rocket.

  1. Everybody Be Dancin’
  2. Call Me
  3. City of the Future
  4. Fat Boy
  5. Little Bird
  6. Sunset Eyes
  7. A Fool In Line
  8. Don’t You Know How To Love A Lady
  9. Benny Bought The Big One
  10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Rocket/Little Bird Reprise

Hope you’ve enjoyed Starbuck on this last day of January, 2022.

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12 thoughts on “MMMM: Starbuck’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rocket”

  1. It is a mystery (maybe just luck?) which good groups get fame which ones don’t make the big time. I think this group, hearing more of their music for the first time, deserved more than they got. My favorite of the set was Sunset Eyes, but I’m thinking that Don’t You Know How to Love a Lady had commercial success written all over it. But, nada. Yes, gotta wonder! Alana ramblinwitham


    1. Glad you liked them! It’s a shame the only song anyone remembers is “Moonlight Feels Right.” It was their biggest hit and one of those songs that everyone likes, but they did a whole lot more than that.


  2. I know the first song and that’s about it but I enjoyed listening to all of it. The last one was not a favourite of mine but the drumming was excellent. I really loved #8


    1. They didn’t get a lot of publicity, for whatever reason. Musically, they were an excellent band, and the lyrics were outstanding. They had a good, commercial sound, too. Can’t understand why they didn’t go further. That happens to some bands: The Looking Glass, The Ides Of March, Lighthouse…

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