Maggie Has Questions; I Have Answers

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Maggie posted ten questions to her blog and wanted to get our opinion on them. So, for better or worse, here we go…

  1. Do you respond to every comment, even if it is just an emoji? Do you mean the comment is an emoji, or the answer is? The answer is yes either way. I try to reply to every comment, but in some cases it might be a few days, or I might intend on answering and never get around to it. I try.

  2. Are there styles, colors, or fonts that make reading a blog more difficult? My blog uses Alegreya (similar to Times New Roman) for the main text and Oswald (similar to Arial Narrow) for the headings, simple black on white. There are times I consider using Arial or Helvetica for the body font, but I’ve heard a serif font is more easily read than a sans-serif one, so I stick with it. The curlicue fonts are cute and work in headings, but I don’t use them. Anything apart from this combination make it harder to read. White on black is illegible, as is anything smaller than 12-point.

  3. Under what circumstances would you block a user? If he’s being an asshole or posting comments that have nothing to do with what I’ve written (i.e. trying to use my blog to sell something). I’ve found that Akismet is very good at trapping nearly all of these offenders, so I haven’t had to block anyone.

  4. Are there certain topics you refuse to engage with? Politics. I do read political blogs and reply to them, but I try and keep things as strife-free as possible here.

  5. How do you feel about blogging awards? Enh. I might answer them, but will not resort to tagging others.

  6. How old is your current blog? Ten years as of last January 9.

  7. Do you respond to prompts? All the time.

  8. Do the number of your blog followers matter to you? No. A significant percent of my "followers" are people who followed me in the hope that I’d follow them back and jack their numbers up.Β Many who follow me do so either through a feed reader (e.g. Inoreader or Feedly) or through Bloglovin’, so my "numbers" are pretty irrelevant.

  9. What motivates you to follow or unfollow a blog? I’ll generally follow someone who has followed me to see what their blog is about. If I don’t like it, I unfollow them. As I said, I don’t use WordPress’s feed reader, so most of you don’t know if I’m following or not.

  10. What is your blogging pet peeve? The Gutenberg editor. I don’t complain because they don’t care what I think. I’ve taken to writing posts in BBEdit and cut-and-pasting them out of there.

Hope these answer your questions, Maggie!

15 thoughts on “Maggie Has Questions; I Have Answers

  1. Great answers and you are so good at responding which is where I fall flat. I read them all but I fall flat on my ass. I agree about the bloggers who are assholes or nasty but i have not blocked anyone yet. I have found some people have written light green or some light colour and I have a hard time reading those. It reminds me of trying to read the pill bottle. I think I have been blogging since 2009..I think and have no clue who is following me or not.


  2. Great answers. I only block the people who look like they are spammy. I agree that Askimet does a good job of stopping the actual comments from the spammers.


  3. Great answers, John! My pet peeve is when another blogger drops a link in my comments and requests I read their blog. I use dark backgrounds on my blogs because white backgrounds bother my eyes. Everything I read on the internet is darkened by Dark Reader or Night Eye. I use Alegreya, as well. Fancy fonts are hard to read.

    I could care less about how many followers I have. My blogs are my blogs, and so it goes…

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    1. I always read your blog with Inoreader, which makes everything black on white, so it isn’t a problem.

      The only two times people ask me to come read their blog is (a) during the A to Z challenge and (b) when there’s something specific someone wants me to see. If someone effectively tells me to read their blog, I don’t. I’ve also gotten good at telling when someone is following my blog because they like me versus they’re hoping for a return follow. I get follows from blogs that haven’t posted in years, or the blog is in a language other than English. At that point, I say “unh-unh” and let them continue to follow.

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      1. The Manage Followed Sites screen is my best friend. If a blogger hasn’t posted in years, I don’t follow them. I get a lot newbies where there is nothing posted yet. I don’t follow them either. My rule of thumb is if they haven’t posted in 15 days, I unfollow unless it is a regular and there is a reason. I follow a couple of blogs in other languages – Vivaldi translates them for me.


  4. Great responses, John. I have blocked a couple of users who would not quit with the spam comments. It can be futile. They were the ones that got through the spam filter. You were a favorite blogger of mine early on. You have a light hearted was I truly enjoy. Thanks for responding to the questions.

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  5. I also agree with your answers John plus my pet peeve is when another blogger almost demands that I go to their blog and follow them…that really gets to me. I do try to answer all comments but sometimes they slip through.πŸ’œ


  6. My answers are very similar to yours, John. One of my pet peeves of other blogs is white font on black background because it is really hard to read. The only answer of yours I’m not sure about is the Gutenberg editor because I don’t know what that is, lol.


    1. Gutenberg is the original name for the block editor that you hear so many WordPress users gripe about. You’re running WordPress on your own host, so you don’t get it by default. A lot of us who were promised that the simple editor would be around in perpetuity (or at least another couple of years) were surprised when they told us all to use the block editor because the block editor would work the same way as the simple editor, which of course was BS.

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      1. Ahh, gotcha. I used the other editor on my old blogger blog. Took me a while to get used to the block editor!


        1. I found that the secret to getting used to the block editor is to limit the number of blocks you use. There must be 200 or so different block types, and I use maybe six of them, and generally try and find a way to use HTML before messing with another block type.


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