Song of the Day: Edwin Dale, “In Maytime (I Learned To Love)”

I consulted a list of songs for 1922, because the assignment was to find a song from that year, and turned up this gem. Here’s what the person who uploaded it to YouTube had to say:

This is the song ‘In Maytime (I Learned to Love)’. It was sung by Vernon Dalhart under the Pseudonym ‘Edwin Dale’, and was #13 for the year in 1922, peaking at #2 on the US billboard charts in September of that year. The recording on the reverse of the record ‘Song of Persia’ hit #35 for the same year. Vernon Dalhart is best remembered for ‘The Prisoner’s Song’ possibly the biggest selling hit for country music of all time by chart ranking, which was #3 for the year in 1925 and #1 in 1926, and was sung under his own name. A Movie under the name ‘Maytime’ was released the year after this song and a remake of it was made in 1937, but I don’t know if it is related to this song in anything except name. Composed by Jack Snyder. Columbia record A-3638.

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Edwin Dale, “In Maytime (I Learned To Love)”

  1. What a great song to listen to on a 78. Those were the days of some great musicals plus the Follies. I used to listen to a few because my mom had a small “suitcase” record player with 3 speeds on it. I wish I still had it.


    1. I never really dealt with them that often. I had an aunt who had all kinds of classical 78’s who gave them to us, but half of them came to us broken (that’s when an album actually was an album, six records with a sleeve for each inside a leatherbound book).

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      1. I have similar memories of relatives with 78s, then introduced my to records. They had a “portable” player, about the size of a couple of large suitcases, which I distinctly remember had three speeds.

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