The “A Quarter Thru February” Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Oscar Mayer All-Meat Wieners.

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Thurl Ravenscroft, who would be 108 years old today. In the commercial, he does the voice of the short singer with the deep voice.

A good week here. Rainy toward the end of it, but sunny and clear on Satuday afternoon, which is when I’m writing this.

You might have seen the sad announcement on the A to Z Challenge Blog that Jeremy, the guy responsible for our graphics for the Challenge, passed away earlier this year because of Covid-19. We’re currently running a badge contest for this year’s Challenge. If you have the time, talent, and inclination to do so, read the linked article and design what you consider to be a good badge for this year’s challenge for a chance to have it represent the 2022 A to Z Challenge. Hurry, the contest closes February 12.

We’ve been discussing what to do about the individual letters that mark the posts for each day of the Challenge, e.g.

from last year’s challenge

Some of us had the idea of using whatever letters you have as a tribute to Jeremy, but there’s some debate over whether that might confuse some people who read but don’t participate, thinking that the date on the badge might confuse them. Your thoughts on this would be most appreciated.

The other day, I discovered that the pass-thru from the A to Z Challenge blog to the simulcast blog on WordPress wasn’t working properly. I think I have it fixed, but you might want to check both places for a couple of weeks.

Thankfully, both Bloganuary and Just Jot It January have finished. I’ll be doing the latter next year, assuming Linda holds it. Bloganuary? Not so much.

Not really much else to report here, so let’s get on with

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was.

12 thoughts on “The “A Quarter Thru February” Week That Was

  1. I’m saddened to hear of Jeremy’s passing. I think using letters from past years in his honor would be quite a nice tribute.


    1. I never met the guy and rarely communicated with him, but I always appreciated the work he did for the Challenge, which was extraordinary. We might someone to do graphics and he or she might be every bit as good (or even better) than he was, but he was unique. I think eventually we’ll all be on the same page about the letters, but even if we don’t do anything official, I’ll use some of his old sets.

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  2. Love that commercial and I could recognize that voice right away. This is a song ditty that did not catch on like the later Oscar Meyer song. It is sunny today also and quite nice out.


    1. Ravenscroft had one of the more distinctive voices around. You knoe right away it’s him, no matter what he’s doing. I wish this had been their jingle, too.


    1. I’m glad January’s over, because I don’t have as much posting to do. If I was smart (and no one has ever accused me of that) I’d put everything together in one post….

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