For those who were wondering… #1LinerWeds

Weren’t we just talking about Tupperware?

Linda Hill runs One-Liner Wednesday. Now a word from Tupperware. Tupperware really locks it in!

27 thoughts on “For those who were wondering… #1LinerWeds

  1. So that’s where socks go when they are reincarnated. Love that quote! My Aunt, In Graz, used to sell tupperware for years even up to her mid 80s when she couldn’t walk anymore. I remembeer that commercial and my mom had those containers in all the 70s colours.


    1. We knew a couple of Tupperware ladies, so we got A LOT of Tupperware as wedding gifts. We might even have a stray piece or two lying around somewhere (44 years later….)


  2. This is the beginning of everything making sense. Meanwhile, single socks become rags, and tupperwear lids become cat food dishes, or frizbees.


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