Wheel… of… Fortune! #socs

Did you watch Wheel of Fortune this week? The person who wins the regular game gets a chance to spin the "bonus wheel," which has 50 cards on it that specify either dollar amounts ($39,000, $45,000, $50,000 or $100,000) or different model cars. They don’t know what prize is on the card until after they try to solve the puzzle, when Pat Sajak opens the card. If they solve the puzzle, they get what’s on the card. The big prize is $100,000, so the chance they pull that card is one on 50, or 0.02. Well, this week, the $100,000 was pulled three times in a row. The chance of that happening is 0.02 to the third, or 0.000008. So we saw something happen that only happens 1 out of 125,000 times. That’s pretty rare. With 200 shows in a season, they haven’t even reached 10,000 shows in the 39 years they’ve been around. The chances are good that Pat and Vanna won’t be doing the show when it reaches 10,000. That’s in about another 11 years, by which time Vanna will be a glamorous woman in her mid-70’s and Pat will be pushing 90. Who know what could happen by then?

Now, from 1952, Kay Starr and her #1 hit, "Wheel Of Fortune."

Linda runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. All the cool kids are playing it. Maybe next week you’ll play with us? Now a word from Sony Ericsson, the most fun you can have with a phone.

22 thoughts on “Wheel… of… Fortune! #socs

  1. I have not watched Wheel for decades now because there seems to be a formula-One person hits it big, another might get $200 and the 3rd wipes out. I heard about the 3 winners and that pat walked off the set in disbelief, but he came back obviously because he is a professional. Gosh, I remember when Vanna wrote her idiotic book when she was in her 20s. That is pretty amazing that 3 won but maybe there ratings are not doing as well as Jeopardy considering what just happened on that show. Maybe it was rigged to get more people to watch.


  2. I guess the lesson is low odds don’t mean impossible. Make me want to go out and buy a lottery ticket. I thnk they should use IBM’s Watson as the Jeopardy host.


    1. The whole “Jeopardy!” switchover was a real mess, especially when the producer made himself the host, then ended up being fired. I don’t they’ve settled on Ken Jennings or Mayim Bialik as the host. Mary thinks that, because they introduce her as the host and him as “hosting Jeopardy,” she’s the host, but you can’t really tell. They’re both good; I like her a little better than him, because (for me, anyway) she’s easier to understand. I don’t think they’re done choosing a new host just yet. They might decide to go with someone completely different next season…

      I could see both Pat and Vanna retiring at the same time and Maggie Sajak doing both jobs down the road. All I know is that they’ll try to avoid turning it into a three-ring circus this time…


  3. Loved the song and loved the commercial. I haven’t watched the show in years but for a chance at 100,000 dollars I would! I was impressed by your statistics!


    1. There are so few game shows left anymore: “Wheel of Fortune,” “Jeopardy!” “The Price Is Right,” “Let’s Make A Deal,” and “Family Feud.” There were at least three times as many in the ’70’s. Times have changed, with more houses sitting empty during the day (and I wonder how that will change with Covid). “Daytime dramas” (“soap operas”) are another thing that’s fallen by the wayside in the last 40 years. “Wheel” and “Jeopardy” have the advantage of generally being broadcast at dinnertime…


  4. Well that’s amazing John…did that really happen! ? It’s a show we no longer have over here, that I know of.
    Are those the presenters in the gif at the top of your post.
    Love the song 💜


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