Top Ten Tuesday: WCFL (AM 1000 Chicago), 2/17/1972

While I wait for a reply from ARSA, I’ll share another from Chicago’s Top 40 history, this time from "Big 10," WCFL. Here’s their Top Ten from February 17, 1972.

  1. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” Robert John
  2. “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’,” Charley Pride
  3. “Down By The Lazy River,” The Osmonds
  4. “Black Dog,” Led Zeppelin
  5. “Stay With Me,” Faces
  6. “Joy,” Apollo 100
  7. “Softly Whispering,” English Congregation
  8. “The Witch Queen Of New Orleans,” Redbone
  9. “Without You,” Nilsson
  10. “Hurting Each Other,” Carpenters

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for February 15, 2022.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WCFL (AM 1000 Chicago), 2/17/1972

  1. What a great Top 10 and so eclectic. I love The Lion Sleeps Tonight but then we have Led Zeppelin with Apollo’s “Joy”. This was the time when they used classical music but added a beat to it…not my fav. I had a smile on my face when Witch Woman was followed by “Without You”- one of my favourites. To end with the Carpenters seems fitting.


      1. Yes you are right…I guess that is what made the seventies…the seventies… and why the White Album is my favorite Beatle album…the variety

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