Song of the Day: Atlanta Rhythm Section, “Imaginary Lover”

Today, we’re asked to supply a "strange love song," and this one is not just strange, it’s downright creepy. "Imaginary Lover" is from Atlanta Rhythm Section’s 1978 album Champagne Jam. It reached #7 in the US, #9 in Canada, and #49 in Australia. What that says about us as a society, I don’t know… Nancy Sinatra covered it on her 1998 album Sheet Music.

13 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Atlanta Rhythm Section, “Imaginary Lover”

  1. I love this song but truly never listened to the lyrics but, I don;t care, I still love it. I listened to nancy’s version but I prefer the original. Sweet Caroline now makes me feel creeped out when Neil Diamond stated he wrote it with Caroline Kennedy in mind. Ick.


  2. Nancy does a good job, I think. This reminds me of Howard on Big Bang Theory and the way he would use characters from the video games they play.


  3. I don’t know that I ever paid much attention to the lyrics, but that’s not unusual for me. Still it’s a great song. Interesting to hear Nancy doing her version.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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