Writers Workshop: Flaked Out Like A Flounder

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay. This is actually a fluke, because it’s facing left;it’s a flounder if it faces right.

I saw the prompt, "flounder," and immediately thought of the fish. As a flounder gets older, one eye migrates from one side of the face to the other. They spend most of their time lying on their side at the bottom of the ocean and waiting for food to fall whre they can get it. Very strange, and a little on the unsettling side. They talk all about it here, if you care.

My guess is that the idea was to use the other definition of flounder, meaning to struggle clumsily with something, as if you’re walking through mud or sand at the bottom of the ocean. For me, that usually happened when I was asked to stop on the way home and pick up a few things at the grocery store, and I figured that, since there were just a couple of things, I didn’t need a cart or a basket. More often than not, I was headed up to the front of the store to get a cart or a basket because I soon discovered that I was floundering trying to carry all that stuff without dropping anything. Nowadays, some forward-thinking stores put baskets all over the store, for when you discovered you couldn’t manage without a basket. I finally got over the feeling like a moron when I’d wheel a mostly-empty shopping cart to the checkout line, because I noticed that there were a lot of people doing the same thing.

11 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Flaked Out Like A Flounder

  1. I have definitely floundered many times with too many things in my arms. I always underestimate how many groceries I’m actually going to end up grabbing!


  2. I think the writing prompt are whatever you make them :). I first thought of the fish, I’ve heard they’re tasty.
    I can never find one of those grocery baskets when I need one. I think it’s sabotage from the store to cause me to get a big basket and fill it up!


    1. I’ve heard the same thing about flounder. I guess they taste better than they look…

      I finally just got a cart or basket whenever I went in, unless I was only getting one easy-to-carry item. I figured that kids got paid good money to put them away, might as well make it worth their while.


  3. Well done John – flounder is a wonderful word as you’ve beautifully described … one can’t shop without a basket – always things wanting to be picked off the shelves. But I love to eat fresh flounder … with chips probably! cheers Hilary


    1. I’ve had one chip shop experience, in Australia. The oil looked as though it hadn’t been changed in a couple of years, and the guy wrapped everything in newspaper, ink and all. It was great!


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