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Can’t you just hear the Valley Girl say this: "what-EVARRRRRR!" Personally, I think Linda has given us carte blanche to talk about anything we want. Which is what I’m finta do…

Remember the Carte Blanche credit card? It was a direct competitor to Diner’s Club and American Express. Carte Blanche was bought out by Diner’s Club, and now both of them are owned by Discover.

We actually had a Discover card years ago, when they first started out and were just mailing them willy-nilly to anyone they thought would pay their bill. It was part of Sears, a grand old retailer that’s no longer in service, and their cards used to have a little Sears Tower embossed on them.

That’s the Sears Tower in Chicago, which officially is the Willis Center, but people from Chicago still call it the Sears Tower. I used to work about a block from there. They had a little store there where you could buy sandwiches, chips (crisps for those of you in the UK and Commonwealth), cookies and pop, so I’d run over there, grab what I wanted for lunch, and take it back to my desk. Not the best idea…

They had a hair stylist shop there, too. I’d go there every few weeks and get my hair cut by Cindy (I think that was her name). She was a woman about my age (late 20’s by then) who went to high school with some friends of mine. The last time I went to her, I remember sitting there in the chair after my hair was finished, talking to her about people we knew in common. The next time I went, she was gone. They said she just up and left one day and never came back. No one quite got my hair right like she did. Even Mary said so.

I’m sad all of a sudden. Better go out on a high note.

I was going to write about "Spider Dan," but I see I’ve already done so, so why not go on over there and read it?

Linda runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now here’s Hockey Hall of Fame member Bobby Hull for Sears Band and Trust (which was in the Sears Tower). They’re out to be the fastest bank in town!

And yes, that’s the Sears Tower at the end…

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  1. My brother in law in college with zero income was part of the soliciting anyone and everyone. His “potential income” I guess. He died in debt … on that same Discover card & many others.

    I was turned down for a Discover card when they first came out despite having a full time job with benefits and no other debt. I knew I was going to be po’ed when the person who had me fill out the application asked if my husband was nearby. Now I enjoy declining their solicitations to me.

    A trip to Chicago is on my bucket list. One day maybe …


    1. I think they sent me a Discover card because I had a Sears card already, and maybe they thought they’d phase the Sears card out. Sears was a very difficult card to get, as I recall; they must have had age and income qualifications. Seems weird, because we had all our applisances from them.


  2. Yes, I can hear a Valleygirl say this word and in a nasal voice. What is it about many girls and women today who talk through their nose. It’s so irritating. They need to get elocution lessons. It’s a shame this gal just up and left but she went on to bigger and brighter things. Maybe, if you google her name, you will find her and she will be in some fancy salon?? I find many hair stylists want to give you the “in” cut of the day. Once I was given a Jennifer Aniston haircut but not the famous one, the one, later on, when her hair was straight. I hated that!! I had to let it grow out and go to a place that listened to me and I, thankfully, have found one.
    I miss Sears and Eatons who were 2 of the biggest retailers in Canada. Actually, in Toronto, the big mall is still called The Eaton Centre. Sears was so big that, when I would see a client, almost every person would have a Sears card. The older ladies, who spent too much, would always have 3 cards-Sears, Eatons and The Bay.


    1. I’m not even sure her name was Cindy, she just seemed like a Cindy, and I have no idea what her last name was. (On a side note, you don’t meet many young women named Cynthia anymore, or for that matter Beverly, Catherine, or Elizabeth.)

      The hardest credit card for me to get was a Sears card. I got an American Express card first. I just read a book called “Lost Chicago Department Stores” that talks about all the major department stores there that have closed, including Sears, Montgomery Ward, and a host of others. Sears and Ward’s were both Chicago companies.(Wasn’t It Simpson Sears in Canada?) I’ve seen Eaton’s stores all over, but that was at least 20 years ago, before the bottom fell out of the Department Store sector.


  3. Not everyone in the Commonwealth calls them crisps. In Australia, a bag of chips (crisps) are chips and hot chips (fries) are chips. One word for both.


  4. We had a grimy little grill in the basement of a building next to ours when I worked in Hartford. I could cut through our parking garage to get there. The things you do for work.

    I’ve had the same barber for 4o years! I’ve followed him to five or six shops.


  5. Since we don’t know what happened to Cindy, we might as well imagine her having gone off to some wild adventures followed by a quietly happy life. Maybe she went to Hollywood and did hair for the stars.


    1. Like the Hancock Building, which is now just 875 N. Michigan, or the First National Bank Building, now named for whoever bought them. Can’t tell the players without a scorecard anymore…

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      1. It was insane. We’re on the bus, and Mary looks out the window and says “Somebody’s climbing the Sears Tower!” He was arrested a few times, but he was making the point that it was impossible to get out of those buildings in case of a fire.

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    1. I have really crazy hair that goes in a thousand directions unless I kept it short (or, pulled it back in a ponytail, which I’ve done for 30 years now). She knew how to tame it. Some stylists just know hair…

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