Simply 6 Minutes: Zebra Dogs!

A pit bull with zebra’s stripes! Maybe the zebras are tired of losing members to the lions and decided to prepare a little surprise for the this year…

Makes you wonder, how would a fight between a lion and a pit bull work out? A lion is much bigger and has huge paws with sharp claws and a big mouth full of sharp teeth, so no doubt the lion would win, but considering he jaw strength of a pit bull, I’ll bet the lion would sustain plenty of injuries.

For some reason, the picture made me think of gum…

I remember this coming out and wanting to try it really badly. The problem with Fruit Stripe gum, as with all Beech-Nut gums, is that it tends to lose its flavor really quickly, so you start out chewing Fruit Stripe gum, and within about ten minutes you’d have this rubbery, flavorless mass in your mouth.

Dick Clark used to host The Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show for all the losers that couldn’t get dates for Saturday night. It was a lot like American Bandstand, but on Saturday night. I’m going to run a video and notice how many kids are chewing gum.,.

Christine runs Simply Six Minutes. Six-two and even, over and out…

22 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Zebra Dogs!

  1. Oh the poor sweet doggie being painted this way. I remember striped gum but I think we had juicy fruit. Regardless, I would try every gum and the flavour would dissipate very quickly, my jaw would hurt and no where to spit the gum out. I hated when I would take a drink from the school fountain and find gum in the base. That commercial had a jingle that turned from fun to annoying by the end of it. Nothing has changed in 60 years. Love the music and his lip syncing plus the hound dog by Dick Clark.


  2. Depending on the size of the pitbull it might be a fair fight. I used to love Fruit Stripes gum and sort of still do. I always see it at the checkout and want to buy it but never do because it does lose its flavor so fast. 10 minutes is being a generous estimation! Thanks for participating!


    1. Pit bulls have gotten this terrible reputation because people raise them to fight. They’re actually very nice dogs, especially around kids. It’s how you raise them that makes the difference.

      I don’t chew gum anymore, unless I can get Beeman’s, Clove, Black Jack, or Teaberry. They get revived occasionally…


    1. There was a gum, Extra, that used to advertise that it “won’t stick to most dental work.” They still sell it, if you’re interested.

      I’ve seen a number of those NRRA Archives videos, but that’s the first one where I’ve seen them pick the kids out that are chewing gum.


  3. Hi John – I love the pic … and I wonder – fi the pit bull managed to get on top of the lion and ‘teeth in’ – whether it would inflict a fatal blow … we’ll never know! I remember stripey toothpaste – always hated gum: still do. The pic has cheered me up! Hilary


  4. Wow – I remember fruit stripe gum.
    And for some reason I think we thought it was healthier than gums like bubble yum or pal!
    And side note – glad they have no sugar gum available these days – even tho I never chew gum anymore


      1. Oh yeah – big red was a fav for a little while
        And side note – just bought two packs of “pur” chewing gum (sale) and we keep one bag in the car just to have there.

        No chemicals and good stuff – got peppermint and spearmint – they had a chocolate one – yuck – that didn’t appeal

        And the other thing I recall
        About fruit stripe was getting the extra big pack –


          1. not aure I know of that combo???
            and not sure it sounds good either – hahah – did you mix it yourself or did they sell it half and half?
            ALSO, your post had my hubs and I talking about gum yesterday – well I also whipped out that bag of “PUR” gum (and did some gum art so I will have to show you that at some point – hahaha = pretty fun stuff )
            anyhow, he mentioned how “trident” gum was the one that targeted the health appeal (dentists recommended it) and his mom chewed it- and that reminded me of dentyne cinnamon gum…. and then hubby bubba – hahahahah


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