Song of the Day: Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You”

Okay, so today’s assignment is to find a love song from this year, which naturally puts me at a distinct disadvantage, because I don’t listen to contemporary hits radio or country radio. So, I’m at the mercy of what I can find on the Internet about what’s currently on the charts. I found this song and thought it was just perfect for the theme, then learned that it came out last July. "So, how can I justify using it now?" Then, I remembered from working with all my government clients over the years that their fiscal year 2022 started back on July 1, 2021. So, even though this song came out in July of last calendar year, it came out in fiscal year 2022…

"If I Didn’t Love You" is a duet between Jason Aldean from Macon, Georgia and fourth season American Idol champion Carrie Underwood. It was on Aldean’s album Macon, which came out in November of last year. It reached #1 on the Country Airplay chart and #2 on the Hot Country Singles chart in the US, #1 on the Canadian Country chart, and #4 on the Australia Country Hot 50.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You”

    1. I know what you mean. Some country singers feel this need to “hick it up” and overdo it. It’s a good song, and Carrie Underwood is good no matter what she does.


  1. Anything Carrie Underwood sings is okay with me. I’m not much of a country music fan but there are other male country singers I feel are better than Jason Aldean.


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