Give It A …. #socs

Isn’t that the cutest thing?

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that "A body at rest tends to stay at rest, a body in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted on by another force." I like being a body at rest, myself…

Part of the problem we all face in this day and age of devices with screens is that we tend not to get enough rest. Yes, part of the reason is the blue light emitted from the screen, but the bigger problem is forcing yourself to put the device down and go to sleep. I’ve seen in more than one place that you should leave the phone in another room when you go to bed. That works fine, unless you end up needing your electronic device at night. For example, you have to keep it close in case you get a call from work. I use my phone as a flashlight when I’m in bed, in case I need to go to the bathroom. Hmm, maybe I should get a plain ol’ flashlight…?

I knew I needed to get out of the programming business when they started talking about RESTful applications. I love how the Wikipedia article on them states "This article may be too technical for most readers to understand." It’s one of those subjects where the more you try and explain it, the harder it is to understand. I won’t even attempt it.

Linda runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now a word about Sominex sleep aid. Take Sominex tonight and sleep, safe and restful sleep, sleep, sleep!

How many of you sang along?

20 thoughts on “Give It A …. #socs

  1. That cat is adorable! You’re right, the blue light is not good for sleep. I leave my phone charging in another room. It’s always a ‘surprise’ in the morning to see who stayed up later than I did! LOL. I remember that commercial – I wonder if it really worked as it claimed? PS – Best of luck on March’s battle of the bands!


  2. My hubby’s like a cat…he can see in the dark where I see nothing but black so he bought me the motion sensors that are triggered when I walk. They are low to the floor and he post 3 on the stairs so I can make it up there without tripping and falling. Nope the bathroom is not done downstairs…sigh. I never bring my ipad or phone into the bedroom. We have no tv in the bedroom either…just a light and my books or magazines. I seem to recall that commercial with the Indian guru.


  3. I have a motion sensor night light. It stays off unless I cross its path. Then the low light comes on so I won’t trip. It works for me.


  4. I use my phone to wake me up. I used to tell people to buy an alarm clock…but now I’m so attached to it.
    I have a problem losing mine around the house…lay it down on something and it blends in with something else.

    Your tv post was published today…I have no clue when mine will be.


  5. I’m one who keeps my phone in the other room mostly. The only time I keep it with me is if B is away. Mainly because I cannot figure out our alarm clock on my own. That multi-functionality be it flashlight or alarm is pretty handy.


  6. Once I’m down, inertia tries to hold me down and the snooze button on my phone gets a workout. But I still use an old fashioned night light for the bathroom.


  7. I sang along! I am retired and now I do not want to tax my mind with too much technical jazz. I prefer light jazz. I used my phone to play music for half an hour at bed time to help lull me to sleep. It is also my alarm clock.


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