Sunday Ramble, Prompt #13 #em-srp

Back with another edition of E. M. Kingston’s Sunday Ramble. These are "Weird And Silly" prompts, so I’m supposed to answer them weird and silly. For those of you who know me, you know this is easy for me, and since the answers could get a little out of hand, I’ll hide them behind a "more"…

  1. What are five things you could buy at a gas station to make the cashier look at you oddly? A 12-pack of Coors Light, a bag of Cheetos, a pack of Kools, an "adult" magazine, and a box of condoms, all together.

  2. If someone were to narrate your life, who would you choose to do it? William Conrad, Steve Allen, and Richard Kiley are all deceased, and those are my top 3 choices. Morgan Freeman is too clichéd. How about Ron White?

  3. Have you ever given an impromptu speech about something you know nothing about? I’ve done an entire class where I had no idea what I was talking about. It was a situation where the real instructor was snowed in and they needed someone at the last minute. My manager volunteered me because, as she put it, I could "throw bullshit better than anyone."

  4. What will be the most laughable artifacts they find from our generation? Parachute pants. They were pretty ridiculous when they were all the rage. The only person who looked good in them was M. C. Hammer. Can’t touch this!

  5. Time stands still for everyone except you for an hour. How would you spend that time? I’d spend the whole hour running around giving people the finger.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Ramble, Prompt #13 #em-srp

  1. It sounds like a party for some since the pandemic on your first answer cheesy grin Parachute pants! Great choice! That is definitely a laughable artifact 🙂 Great answers, John! They were all great, and I looked up Ron White and your top 3! I was wondering if I could use that image for the weekly prompt? I like it 🙂


  2. For #2, is Don Pardo still around? Probably not, but he’d be at or near the top of my list.


    1. He died in 2014, in his mid-90’s. He was still traveling from Arizona to New York to do the open for “Saturday Night Live” up to the end. That’s dedication…


  3. You made me laugh:)) I would buy a lady’s plastic shower cap, which I did and was looked at oddly plus my regular 4 large carton of Beatrice orange juice(I mix this with Soda water for a nice bubly drink and no extra sugar).
    My life story..either Betty Boop or Gilbert Gottfried. Maybe both.
    I have given a speech about many things I no nothing about.
    The laughable objects-Those Cabbage Patch dolls, Those ugly gnomes with the many-coloured, Don King hair.
    Oh, if I had an hour, especially if I was at the mall, every kid I saw with their pants hung low showing their underwear, I would pull their pants to the ground.

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    1. Betty Boop and Gilbert Gottfried, in unison… the mind boggles…

      Cabbage Patch Kids originated in Cleveland, Georgia. I think there’s a Cabbage Patch “hospital” there. And in a way they did look like the old troll dolls. Jus a lot bigger…

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