Way To Go! #socs

In my neighborhood when I was growing up, "way to go" was usually what you said to a kid when he attempted something and failed miserably, possibly resulting in an injury that occasionally meant a trip to the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital. Which, if said injury required that your parents rush you there in the evening, was actually pretty cool, because you were out after dark on a school night.

Of course, if it happened during the summer, it was a different story. Particularly if you broke a limb. That meant no beach, no going out to play, nothing that could cause further injury. Sure, you could go out, you just couldn’t do anything.

"Way to go" was also something you’d say to a kid that did something that resulted in more than himself getting in trouble. I went to a Catholic grammar school, so this was fairly easy to do if a nun was already pissed off at the class for something. We had a nun that was a frequent substitute, and there was a better-than-average chance that she’d get her panties in a wad about our deportment, and we’d end up sitting, hands folded on top of the desk, facing straight ahead, from whenever she lost it until 3:15. One day it was the guy who could blow his nose so loud that it could be heard all over the school, demonstrating his skill when we were sitting still. Another time, it was the guy who stuck his hand up and innocently asked if he could "use the john." She kept us sitting there until 4 that afternoon…

Linda runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now here’s Yvonne DeCarlo for Kool-Aid soft drink mix. A five-cent package makes two whole quarts!

14 thoughts on “Way To Go! #socs

  1. I can just see you sitting there smirking at the offenders and the teachers at the same time. 🤔🤨😏 I cringe when I think of all the Kool-Aid we were offered as kids. The color dyes and the sugar added…yuck. But we survived so far, right?! I equate Kool-Aid to Monster drinks. Neither one are ‘good’ for you.


  2. I went to Catholic school until University and some of the nuns could be brutal. One wasn’t, dressed in regular clothes and was very much against censorship and implored us to sign a petition to stop this bill from being passed. I signed and, thankfully, we could still read The Diviners, Huckleberry Finn etc… Unfortunately, there is another giant grave found at an old school run by priests and nuns, that held indigenous children. They figure over 100 children. It is simply disgusting and it our own holocaust.


    1. Just because they’re priests or nuns doesn’t automatically mean they’re good people. There’s a long and shameful history of young boys being molested by priests, including several bishops and Cardinals. I was horrified when I heard that Chicago’s Cardinal Bernardin was one of them. I heard a statistic that one in three altar boys had been molested, meaning that it’s likely that I had friends who were.


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