The “Spring Forward” Week That Was (2022 Edition)

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Teek, the new cough medicine with TC-44.

By now, everyone who lives in the United States except for the non-reservation areas of Arizona and the whole state of Hawaii should have set their clocks forward, as it arrived at 2 AM, which then became 3 AM, which is the time this got released.

This past week (or was it the week before?) I set up a new and improved A to Z Challenge simulcast blog, which will take the place of the old one. Many of you are already either following the blog or have subscribed to the new RSS feed. So. please update your bookmarks to look at the new blog, Thanks to the person who pointed out that the link for the new blog takes them to the old blog. I have updated the link in that post and apologize to those of you who thought you were signing up for the new blog when in fact you were signing up for the old one. That link has been corrected, and the one above is correct. I checked. If you want to follow the WordPress simulcast blog rather than the official blog on Blogger, feel free.

We also now have an Instagram page, since so many people are now using Instagram as once they used Facebook and Twitter. The Pinterest page, which was administered under my private account, has been gone for a couple of years, as has my private Pinterest account.

Today is the anniversary of the 1993 snowstorm that tied Atlanta up for a couple of weeks. I remember coming in from a trip the night before and driving home in mist. When I got home, Mary said that it was supposed to get cold, and I didn’t think of it, nor did we think that it would affect the outside cat we had at the time. The next morning I got up, and when I saw the snow all I could think of was the cat. She became a permanent indoor cat after that incident.

Not much else other than I plan on doing my taxes tomorrow. Heaven help us all.

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And that wraps up this edition of The Week That was.

8 thoughts on “The “Spring Forward” Week That Was (2022 Edition)

  1. I remember coming out of Atlanta at 8 in the morning in 2014. Nothing was happening but I knew it was coming and I had to go over Mounteagle Mountain…by the time I got to Jasper (I think… near the foot of the mountain) the snow was coming down fast…I stayed there that night and was there for two days.
    I saw the news and Atlanta was in a stand still because of the ice.


    1. I wasn’t sure where Monteagle Mountain was, so I looked it up, and yes, it can get quite nasty around there. We used to get on I-24 to drive to Chicago, and on more than one occasion I wished I had taken I-65 to or from Birmingham, especially the time I was driving a U-Haul through the mountains. It’s kind of out off the way, but 65 is a straight shot thru Nashville, Louisville, and Indianapolis. Not that I have to worry about it now…

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      1. Yea that is the way I go to Atlanta and back to Nashville. Mounteagle is scary in the best of times.
        I was just down there in the first of February…in Atlanta

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