Share Your World for 14 Mar 2022

Melanie has the questions, I have the animated memes…

How do you tell if someone has a sense of humor? Footprints in the butter… no, wait, that’s how you tell if an elephant has been in the refrigerator. Everyone has a sense of humor, so I assume you mean a good sense of humor. Hit them in the face with a pie. If they come back and hit you in the face with a pie, they have a good sense of humor.

What sort of music do you prefer? Literally whatever I’m in the mood for. The only two kinds of music that I can think of that I find objectionable are the ones that involve racial epithets or summoning the Prince of Darkness. I can go from vaporwave to lounge to production music to sunshine pop to ’70’s soul to smooth jazz to ’80’s sophistipop to doo-wop to classic rock to straight-ahead jazz to this:

Thoughts on gravy or "sauce”? Yea or nay? Generally nay, though I like tzatziki sauce on a gyros.

Would you enjoy a hot air balloon ride? Not as much as I like the idea of a hot air balloon ride.

You know what’s coming… I love these guys…


I finished the taxes today, and we’re getting a refund!

10 thoughts on “Share Your World for 14 Mar 2022

  1. Thanks John for Sharing Your Hilarious World! That music video was just PERFECT! Such suave gentlemen, ambience just so, and then one gets the surprise! Delightful! ❤ I knew your answer would amaze me and I wasn’t disappointed! Congrats on the refund! Perhaps you’re right about the balloon ride, maybe it’s the romantic notion of such, and it wouldn’t be all it’s cracked up to be. I’m still going to do it one day if I get the opportunity! Whee! 🎈🎈 Have a wonderful week and thank you too for the bonus tune. I enjoy that song too!


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