Song of the Day: Muddy Waters, “They Call Me Muddy Waters”

On this day in 1972, bluesman Muddy Waters received his first Grammy Award for his 1971 compilation album They Call Me Muddy Waters. Here is the title track.

10 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Muddy Waters, “They Call Me Muddy Waters”

    1. He was the greatest. I liked him better than Howlin’ Wolf, mostly because he was around more (Wolf died in ’76). I’m glad I was still young while most of the original wave of players (Muddy, Wolf, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Willie Dixon etc.) were still active. I got a chance to hear a lot of them live.

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      1. Buddy Guy was the most energetic probably…but I’m sure he was the youngest. I never got to see any of them and I regret it. I would like to see Guy


            1. Back in college, a bunch of friends and I were at a club when he and Junior Wells were working together. As usual, Junior was drunk, and he was telling some story that went on and on, so I headed to the restroom. I’m standing at the urinal and who comes into the restroom and stands at the next urinal but Buddy. I said “aren’t you supposed to be onstage?” and he says “You know Junior, he’ll be talking for a while.” We didn’t talk long, but it’s not something I’ll forget. I think his secret is clean living; Junior died about 20 years ago….

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  1. Thanks John – I enjoyed listening to it … certainly iconic – cheers and have a good week – Hilary


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