Simply 6 Minutes: Having A Butt With Grandma

I used to smoke. Most of the people in my family smoked, so I took it up. I don’t smoke now, and haven’t in over 25 years, and sometimes I miss it. Grandma Holton used to smoke, and sometimes we’d have a cigarette together. It was a bonding moment.

Likewise, my in-laws both smoked. My father-in-law and I would go to White Sox games together, sit in the grandstands at old Comiskey Park, smoke Camel straights and drink beer, and talk. I had the greatest in-laws of anyone I know. My mother-in-law used to do the crosswords in the Sun-Times, and I used to do the on my way to or from work. I’d come home, she’d be outside having a smoke, and she’d ask me questions like, "what was 26 across?"

Bonding moments are precious. If you can still have them, have them.

I gotta play this…

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18 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Having A Butt With Grandma

  1. What great memories! I remember going on a bus trip with my mom and saying something about wanting to smoke with her. She gave me the lecture on how bad it was but we smoked together after that. I miss her. Thanks for joining in again this week!


  2. Never ever smoked one or smoked dope. Had to clean up ashtrays after my dad and grandmother. Disgusting business. They showed us a lung cancer lung in junior high and that horrified me. Some versions of lung cancer happen to non smokers. That would REALLY tick me off. 🙂


    1. I can fully appreciate that. My mother smoked like a chimney for as long as I can remember. I’m surprised none of us ended up with any respiratory problems.


  3. I never smoked but my parents did…big time. I had to clean the walls every year and it would just stream that yellowey/brown colour which is why I don’t like that amber stone with the mosquito inside it. My mom told me once, I think I was 15 or 16, as I was walking by her having a smoke, “I’ve lost my freedom to the cigarette. I will rather buy a pack of cigarettes than food. This is what it does.” I just looked at her and kept walking because my thought was how stupid she was for being hooked on the cigs. She never could quit until dementia set in and she went to the hospital for 5 days. The patch went on and, when she returned, she never asked for a cigarette! We thought we would have a huge battle but it was like she forgot that she smoked which she did. The COPD got her and she often coughed and, later, needed an oxygen tank.


    1. I worked with a guy who must have smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for years, and the ceiling panels in his office were a dark brown…


  4. I started smoking when I was in college. Back then it was a social thing and still is to the extent where it is allowed. I wasn’t a heavy smoker and I enjoyed it. I quit smoking several times and the last time was 20 years ago. I vape but have zero tobacco taste and zero nicotine. I like the green tea and cherry flavors. My hubby still smokes and we have air purifiers running 24/7.

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  5. I don’t think anyone that I knew of on my father’s side smoked and he was very against smoking. My mother and her sisters smoked at some point in their lives but their parents didn’t smoke as far as I know. When I did smoke I never smoked in front of any relatives and not my father either.

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