Writer’s Workshop: For My Next Trick…

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I’ve had an action-packed and fun-filled week here. First and foremost on my list was doing the taxes, which I normally do the first Saturday of March. I didn’t feel like it then, so I put it off for a week, and when Saturday rolled around, Mary said, "Why don’t you put it off until Monday, when I’m out?" Monday, I started when she was getting ready to go out, and by the time she left I was finished. And this year, we get a pretty hefty refund. Thank you, H&R Block tax software.

The next thing that was on my list was to scan all of the tax stuff that was mailed to us and store it in Evernote. About four months ago, I bought a wireless all-in-one printer/scanner/copier that worked great until I changed my modem and the name of my network. After that, it wouldn’t connect to my network, so I couldn’t print or scan. Mary finally suggested getting another printer, so I ordered one. Anyway, I got a bee in my bonnet about the printer, and said "this is ridiculous, this printer is four months old, I’m not going to trash it because the software is screwed up." I uninstalled the software that came with it, reinstalled it, and voila! the printer worked! I was so happy that I took the rest of the day off.

I spent a good portion of Tuesday scanning not just the tax papers but a bunch of other things that needed to be stored in Evernote as well, things like insurance paperwork, the emissions test Mary just had (evidently, here in Georgia, if you’re over 65 and drive less than 5000 miles, you don’t have to have an emissions test every year), and some other odds and ends that I felt should go in there as well.

The next thing on my to-do list is to shred all the papers that I scanned, because the last thing I need at this point is an identity theft incident. Naturally, the shredder was full when I went to do it Tuesday afternoon, and in my current condition I need Mary to do things like that. She was busy doing other things until yesterday, and let’s face it, the most important thing (doing the taxes) is finished, so I’ll do that when I get around to it. We have a rather relaxed attitude toward things like that…

14 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: For My Next Trick…

  1. Nice going getting the taxes done. My husband’s started chipping away, we probably won’t get a refund. But I “let” him do them. I mean, he makes the bulk of the income, so it’s only fair, right?


    1. Is he using any kind of tax software? I’ve used H&R Block’s tax software for a few years now and I’ve liked it. If I had to do them by hand now, I don’t think I could…


  2. Good for you! You have been very productive. I am waiting for one last thing to come in before i get my taxes done. This year, I hope i get a refund. Shredding is fun and I enjoy doing it. We have an old printer/scanner/fax all in one and it still works even though the cartridges are expensive.


  3. Good for you. We get a refund this year too! I go to H & R because of my home business so part of the refund will go to them for doing the work but I’m okay with that!


    1. In my case, apparently I didn’t receive a stimulus payment (in fact, I think I got just one last year, and they were talking about three). I used to take my tax records to an accountant because I would have all kinds of special circumstances (e.g. self-employment, stock sales etc.). It got a lot simplrer when I retired…

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  4. You got a printer to work! That is an accomplishment. We have an old one that if I swear at her enough, she’ll reluctantly print something. She is the bane of my existence.


  5. I love it, John. We did ours early and I screwed them up by actually forgetting that we did indeed receive a stimulus check–all that stuck in my head was that it didn’t come when everyone else’s had. Funny how memory works. But after checking bank accounts, there it was. So I had to AMEND it already and there was also a mistake on our K-1’s. Unfortunately, for us, half our income comes from our apartments (well, fortunately, but unfortunately), so we always have to pay. Or we do now because they are fully depreciated. And it’s a freaking CHUNK, too, so our extra fall draw goes almost entirely to taxes now. Which means some better planning/budgeting on my part as time goes on. At least until we sell them. And we are now forced to raise rents since our taxes doubled for a special assessment and everything else going up. We hate that and never raised them to keep up with market. Problem with that is you can’t sell them to someone when your rents are low and THEIR taxes will double yet again to $50K! I’m rambling. Printers are ALWAYS screwing up. I hate them. And now I’m afraid after loading my freezer with almost $2500 worth of meat, that it isn’t working properly. Seems to be dripping a little. Hope it’s because I had stuff loaded int he door and took that out just now. For MY next trick … hit the tub. Dad’s PT guy here at 11 and I need to get my corned beef and cabbage going by 2 or so, clean this house….not feeling as relaxed as you…but then who is. Thanks for making me smile.


    1. There are so many better options to the several-thousand-page Internal Revenue code, which is why we’re stuck with it. It keeps us plebeians from getting too uppity.

      Just to be safe, you might want to start pricing rerigerators and freezers…


  6. I know you mean Mary’s car, but I am having a little giggle that Mary needed an emission test. I can only imagine what that would involve! grin


  7. Hi John – well done … it sounds like you’re unrushed, still intelligent enough to solve problems! … and so you had a very satisfactory early week … now to enjoy the year ahead … very happy John and Mary – cheers Hilary


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