Mozart and Sedatives #socs

Statue honoring Mozart in Vienna. Image by misterfarmer from Pixabay

I would like to apologize in advance for the following:

Mozart was a great composer,
Spent his life composing;
Now that he is dead and gone
He spends it decomposing…

Now that we have that out of the way…

I could talk about my ongoing battle with lymphedema, which I seem to be winning thanks to the machine that compresses my leg in the morning and evening and the compression garment that I wear during the day, but I won’t, because I think you’re tired of hearing about it, maybe as tired as I am of talking about it.

I could also talk about computers, which I spent most of my career either working with or talking about, but you’re probably tired of that, too.

Or, I could complain about any of a number of things about life in general, the state of the country, or stuff that just peeves me in general, but you don’t want to hear any of that.

I’m sure that someone will talk about composting, about which I know nothing.

Maybe I’ll just cut to a commercial. This post brought to you by Compoz. C-O-M, P-O-Z. For occasional nervous tension…

And let’s leave it at that. Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you by Linda Hill and this station.

20 thoughts on “Mozart and Sedatives #socs

  1. I think Mozart already decomposed…He is not even skin and bones…just bones:)). I actually saw this statue in Vienna and went to a Mozart concert in the gilded hall which was amazing!! I’m glad you are doing OK regarding your constant issue with the leg etc… One has to find an outlet to alleviate the crap you are going through so I am glad you are here.


    1. I’ve made peace with the leg. It’s going to be a problem for the rest of my life, and all I can really do about it is what I’m doing now.


    1. It was actually quite benign. Most of the chemicals listed on the right side of the cover are B vitamins, and 120 mg of salicylic acid is basically one aspirin. The first ingredient listed was dangerous, but it was a tiny dose, something like 0.5 mg. All of the over-the-counter sedatives (Compoz, Sominex, Sleep-Eze, Nytol etc.) were basically the same…


  2. No need to apologize. I like the poem for a SoC piece. I hope the lymphedema gets better and you have more and more good days. Making peace with it will most likely help.


  3. If there’s ever a place to complain, I think your blog is the perfect outlet! Off topic (or at least, off this topic), your post the other day which talked about daylight saving… I didn’t realise the US was actually thinking of permanently leaving daylight saving for real – and is!!! That has now freaked me out and I am desperately hoping we don’t follow suit here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    1. We used to have DST end of April to end of October, and while it was a disruption, it was nothing like it is now. We’re starting in March and ending in November. April to October makes sense, because you get six months on and six months off. Eight months on, four months off is just plain nuts…

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    1. Most of it is basically aspirin (Salicylamide) and B vitamins (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pyroxidine, Niacinamide). The sedative was that first ingredient, which is no longer sold for that because it’s actally dangerous stuff. You could probably duplicate the effect by taking a Goody’s powder and a B complex vitamin.

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  4. Happy days great post, plus the good news about winning the battle with you know what with assistantance of the machine!
    Completely nail it John and I love your aside about Mozart! ๐Ÿ’œ


    1. At this point, the best I can say I’m doing with my leg is that I’m keeping it under control, and that’s something to be grateful for.


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