Share Your World for 21 Mar 2022

Another edition of questions and GIF’s, where Melanie provides the questions and I provide the GIF’s.

What very common thing have you never done? Eaten pickles from the jar. I can’t stand pickles…

Are we morally obligated to be charitable, if we have the means to? I’m assuming that the term "be charitable" means "give money to charity," and the answer is "no." Whether and how much money to give to charity is between yourself and God (whatever you call him, her, and/or it). The annual United Way drive, where your employer tries to browbeat you into "pledging your fair share," is a perfect example. I’d never try to stop someone from giving to United Way, but I refuse to, ever since I heard about one of their directors feathering the love nest he shared with a 15-year-old girl using funds contributed to the charity. There’s also an episode of The Andy Griffith Show where Andy is upset with Opie because Opie gave three cents to some big charity drive when he had a piggy bank full of money (which, it turns out, Opie was saving to buy a winter coat for a classmate who didn’t have one). A big part of that episode is his constant refusal to tell his father why he’s saving it, which was none of his father’s business, anyway. Nor was it the business of the busy-body old lady who ran the charity to tell Andy how much his son had given.

I spent eight years in Catholic school being guilted into contributing money to the missions, including one year where I was shamed by my classmates for not doing so. That’s utter bullshit.

What is the most amazing fact you know? That there was a President of the United States named Millard Fillmore!

I would have liked o have seen this…

Whatโ€™s your favorite sandwich and why? The Italian sub from Jersey Mike’s, served Mike’s way (lettuce, tomato, onion, oil & vinegar, salt, pepper, and oregano, and NO mayonnaise or mustard!). Look at the ingredients: provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami, and pepperoni. I mean, it’s perfect!

I think this is the actual Jersey Mike

Those are my answers, and I’m stickin’ to ’em!

17 thoughts on “Share Your World for 21 Mar 2022

  1. I don’t mind pickles but I can be without them for quite the while and never ate them right out of the jar…my mom would have killed me. I have never went skinny dipping and now…I would scare the fish.
    I am so with you about the guilt tripping with charities. Too many charities have been found to have their hand in the cookie jar plus the executives make a ton! I would willingly donate food, clothing to people like Ukraine who need it right now. I hope the States and or other countries remember Berlin in 1945. When the Russians tried to starve the Berliners, the U.S. air dropped food and medical supplies. One airman started to drop chocolates and it caught on with others doing the same thing. The man just passed away at 102 on Feb. 17th. This is what should be done in Mariepol, Odessa, Kiev etc.. I know that many “homeless” have been caught asking for money and they drive a nice car and live in a nice home. Now, this doesn’t happen all the time but we have to be so careful not get scammed. I have bought food for them when they are outside the grocery store. The grocery store clerks have to ask if we will donate to Sick kids etc.. and I always say “no.” The Catholic Church? Please! Just read up what is happening here in Canada with all these schools run by priests and nuns “converting” the poor aboriginal kids who were taken from their parents. Many large grave sites have been found and there had been rampant abuse both physical and sexual done to these kids. Don’t get me started.
    Amazing fact..Cary Grant’s actual name was Archibald Leach. whoop-di-doo
    I love a basic BLT on whole wheat bread. No fancy buns like Focaccia or anything like that just the basic.


    1. It’s worse here, with the seminaries being used to groom young men as playthings for the bishops and senior members of the priesthood. When I started hearing the statistics about sexual molestation of altar boys, it hit me that I probably had friends who were molested, and in those days, if they caught a priest with his pants down, they’d just transfer him.

      I prefer the bread be toasted on a BLT myself, and hold the mayo…


  2. Thanks John for Sharing Your World through those amazing GIFs and answers! ๐Ÿ˜€ I agree that ‘charity’ that is forced is not charity, it’s gang pressing in a sense. True charity is given freely and without regret, and anonymously (for folks like me). Excellent case in point with the Andy connection and everything. I have become jaded a bit about being pestered to ‘give’, particularly to street beggars. Utah has a very large number of street beggars and most of them are caging money to buy booze or drugs, or that’s just how they earn their living. I’m not judging those folks, but I won’t enable them either. If I actually feel prompted to give money to someone, I tend to follow that more than the in your face request. Any organization (such as United Way, which once was a very good cause) these days has had (IMO) corruption touch it, and therefore it’s not 100% that the money even gets to the needy people. Man screws up the most pure efforts. It’s amazing to me that someone (like a Professor) can order a student to go ‘do service’. Isn’t that over-reaching the boundaries between teacher and student? I smell a little power trip in that guy’s course… You don’t like pickles? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ You’re the first person I’ve ever heard actually say that, although I do know some folks don’t like them on hamburgers or such. And Jersey Mike’s? Oh my heck! Delicious doesn’t begin to cover that! ๐Ÿ˜› I hope you have a wonderful week too!


    1. We Catholics have something called the Annual Appeal, where we contribute to the budget of the Archdiocese (the area the bishop or archbishop oversees). I never had a problem with that until all the allegations of priests molesting children (primarily boys) came to light, and I realized that a lot of the money was going to pay for lawsuits. (That’s a particularly sore spot with me, but that’s for another day.)

      The company I worked for had an office in West LA, and we used to stay in a hotel in Santa Monica. They have a huge homeless problem there, and I would regularly get accosted, and I would try to be generous. One time, I was on my way to 7-Eleven when a homeless guy asked if I had a cigarette. I didn’t, but while I was in the store I bought a pack of cigarettes, and when I passed the guy I gave him the pack. His reaction? “These are regulars, I smoke menthols.” I just walked away. No good deed ever goes unpunished…


  3. I remember being hassled in school and places where I worked to give to United Way. IMO, there are better ways to give to the community. I like dill pickles on hamburgers and a Jersey Mike’s sub is hard to beat.

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    1. Exactly. United Way is for people who haven’t found better ways to give.

      Now that we have discovered the wonders of DoorDash, we get food delivered a lot. We’re no more than ten minutes to most of the places, but it’s just easier. Jersey Mike’s is a favorite, as is Five Guys.

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  4. I typically order the same from Mike’s though I go a little light on the oil and vinegar if I can.

    I go in cycles about pickles. Sometimes those big dill are pretty good, but I haven’t eaten one of those in a while–just the smaller spears that are sometimes served with sandwiches. When I was touring we usually played a show in a small unairconditioned auditorium in Del Rio TX that was mostly attended by Mexican families. It would be September and still very hot and stuffy. For some reason the sponsors had a concession stand where they had a giant jar filled with those huge dill pickles. They’d sell those things to the kids like crazy and they be eating them in that auditorium. The smell and stuffiness was incredible, but it was always kind of a lucrative town for us.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  5. IMHO it is not charity whenever you are forced to give. My school district did the whole United Way push. I never gave to them. I have my own personal places to donate and refuse to have anyone tell me where/what to give.

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    1. Exactly. I have charities that I support, where I know the track record and the people who run it and it’s a cause I support. United Way might support them, but they take my contribution and split it up (after taking a chunk for themselves) to their charities, some of which I don’t support. Why bother?

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      1. I agree. I was often hassled, even by the union president. No thanks was my response. I always matched whatever money my class raised for the Breast cancer fund raiser. That is a cause I support.

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    1. Good point. We refer to it as “time, talent, and treasure,” but in any event it has to be something someome wants to do. It’s the same with college classes where the professor requires a certain number of hours of “community service” to meet the course requirements. Community service is a sentence for public urination, not a requirement for a class. If you want to serve your community, more power to you, but being told you have to do it or you fail the class is not time given freely.

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      1. My parents always insisted that if you were invited to a wedding, you were obligated to bring a gift. How can something be called a gift if the giver is obligated to give it? I give gifts when appropriate, but never out of obligation.

        I also don’t believe that receiving a graduation announcement requires me to give money to the graduate. I read an article once about high schoolers bemoaning the high cost of graduation, part of which involves fancy engraved announcements to be mailed out to every relative on the family tree. Apparently those announcements are a little pricey. “But you have to have them,” said one student, “because you want people to send you money.” Now whenever I get one of those things in the mail, I see not an announcement, but an invoice.


        1. A case could be made for a graduation announcement depending on how geographically dispersed the family is. My family lived almost entirely in Chicago, so news of a graduation (and associated party) spread quickly (I don’t remember ever sending out announcements). Now we’re sort of cast hither and yon. I agree, though, it’s wrong to assume that if you sent an announcement to someone, that someone will send a check or gift in return.

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