The Post-Birthday Week That Was

This edition of The week That Was is brought to you by Post Rice Krinkles cereal. Post cereals make breakfast a little bit better!

Yeah, yeah, I know…

I had a good birthday Friday. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes for me. Yesterday would have been my mother’s 90th birthday. Hard to believe, but it’s true.

As for the commercial above, it was either So-Hi or the clown. Amazing to think those were actual commercials that ran on TV in the ’50’s and ’60’s. That’s the real reason I run them: they amuse me.

Things are starting to move on the A to Z Challenge for me, which is a good thing, because it starts at the end of this week. Remember, I’ll be pulling the plug on the old simulcast blog on Thursday, so be sure you’re followig the new one, if you prefer WordPress to Blogger. The Blogger blog is still the official one, so you might glance over there on occasion. And, if you didn’t participate in the Theme Reveal for whatever reason (maybe because you’ll be participating without a theme), there will be a signup sheet opening on Wednesday.

And that’s about all for this week. Time for

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And that wraps up this edition of The Week That Was.

16 thoughts on “The Post-Birthday Week That Was

  1. Oh my…yes, that commercial is right up there with Mickey Rooney playing an Asian and the one on Gilligan’s Island. Could never do that today. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday.


    1. They probably couldn’t make a show like “All In The Family” or a movie like “Blazing Saddles” anymore, because most people wouldn’t understand the joke. And thanks, I did have a great birthday: we didn’t do a damn thing besides eat…


  2. So glad to read you had a happy birthday … and I’ll be enjoying your A – Z posts … I always enjoy your musical suggestions – cheers and all the best to you and Mary – Hilary


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