MMMM: Birthday Twins

Friday was my birthday, and to celebrate I used artists who were born on March 25 as my theme for Five for Friday and said I’d do more today. Saturday would have been my Mom’s 90th, so I chose to split my ten-song MMMM playlist into five for Mom and five for me. And here we go…

I’ve put the artist’s year of birth in parentheses. In the case of bands, the member’s name follows.

  1. James Moody (1925) with Dizzy Gillespie, "One-Note Samba"

  2. Hoyt Axton (1938), "Never Been To Spain"

  3. Anita Bryant (1940), "Paper Roses"

  4. Ronnie McDowell (1950), "Older Women"

  5. Spandau Ballet, "True" Saxophonist Steve Norman, 1960

  6. Rufus Thomas (1917), "Do The Funky Chicken"

  7. Vicki Lawrence (1949), "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia"

  8. Pilot, "Magic" keyboardist Billy Lyall, 1953

  9. Kenny Chesney (1968), "Summertime"

  10. Hiromi Uehara (1979), "The Tom And Jerry Show"

That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for March 28, 2022.

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24 thoughts on “MMMM: Birthday Twins

  1. Happy belated birthday. Where do I start? This is the first time I’ve heard the original “Never Been to Spain”. I like it as much as Three Dog Night. “Older Women” is a new song for me and I love those lyrics. “True” is on my favorite song list. The Funky Chicken-let’s dance! But the highlight was the last song. Hiromi Uehara- how do I describe her piano playing? The joy on her face? The speed, the control – just absolutely amazing. Alana ramblinwitham


  2. Hoyt F Axton. What a boss he was!! He’ll always be Jennifer Marlowe’s boyfriend/husband, I can’t remember, on WKRP who sang to Johnny “you’ve got a knife, I’ve got a gun, come on buddy let’s have a little fun”. I did a deep dive on his music after seeing this post. Oh, by the way, happy belated birthday my friend.


  3. Golly gee, John I missed your birthday! I have it listed on my calendar so there’s no excuse for me to not sent you a quick Happy Birthday. I’m soooo sorry! I hope you had a lovely day regardless of me misplacing my mind. What a great way to pull together a playlist for 4M. I will certainly have to keep this idea in my mind when mine rolls around in December. Reading through your song list I believe I know them all except for the first one and I’m not 100% sure about the last title but I’m gonna let these play while I work on my A2Z posts. Thanks for joining the party, my friend. May the Lord bless you with a good year ahead!


  4. Happy heavenly birthday to your mom. It’s bittersweet to remember ones’ mom on her birthday but i am glad you did and with some fun songs. I had to go to youtube after Paper Roses. I still enjoyed it all.

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