A “Feel-Good” Story #1LinerWeds

Saw this and just had to share it. Kind of like the story where a woman sent a text invite to Thanksgiving dinner, and the guy who got it said "Wrong number, but can I come anyway?" and he’s been back for going on ten years now.

Linda brings us One-Liner Wednesday every week. Now here’s Buster Keaton for Alka-Seltzer. Relief is just a swallow away!

21 thoughts on “A “Feel-Good” Story #1LinerWeds

  1. Dang! What an emotional punch for me. In a good way though. I’ve been going through some stuff making this relatable. GIves me hope that one day the kindness of strangers will prevail.


    1. I think everyone’s a little lonely, since “two weeks to stop the spread” became “two years and we still haven’t stopped it”. It’s going to get to a point where people say “screw this, this isn’t natural and we look stupid in these masks.” And when it comes out that the government out-and-out lied about the numbers they were scaring us to death with…

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  2. I love it because we often only concentrate on the negative not the positive. I love the pictures. I love Buster Keaton so this was a fun commercial even if I wanted to flick that kid into the ocean.


    1. Right. All we ever hear about is how people don’t get along, which is a load of crap. Sure, there are people you don’t agree with and a few you just don’t like, but in general people get along famously, often people that are total opposites.

      I think the voice of Speedy Alka-Seltzer was provided by Jay North, who played Dennis The Menace. And yes, Buster was the best…


  3. That Thanksgiving story made it Down Under. It really is a lovely one, as is the one you posted. I needed feel good today so thanks for delivering, John.

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