The Seventh Anniversary of The Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Procter & Gamble, makers of Camay, the soap for beautiful women.

I’m surprised they allowed this on the air, given that you can see right through that woman’s dressing gown when she’s in the shadows.

It was the first week (a short one) of the A to Z Challenge. The first Sunday of April is also the anniversary of this feature: I started recapping my week during the 2015 Challenge, when I realized I was going to need something for Sunday if I was going to keep my consecutive days streak going, and this was the result. It seems to have taken on a life of its own.

The first few days of a new challenge are always a bit hectic, and I know I haven’t returned everyone’s comment who left one. I’ll probably spend a good portion of today responding to comments I haven’t responded to.

And with that, here is…

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And that wraps up this edition of The Week That Was.

17 thoughts on “The Seventh Anniversary of The Week That Was

  1. Congratulations on keeping this summary going for so long! That’s quite a feat. I am spending my day today ‘catching up’, too.


  2. Seven years – wow – time flies
    And the camay soap – I forgot about that brand!
    Completely forgot and I don’t think it is around anymore ?
    And the commercial was revealing but part of the subtle lure?
    Also what different times we live in compared to back then – when seeing her as a bride was associated With the good skin etc
    That was crazy! And glad it is not like that today but we have worse issues I guess


      1. Hi !
        I know so many older folks that love Dove soap – and my aunt Maxine (passed in 2019)and that was HER soap!
        And then recently my mother and I have been chatting a lot about dove and dial ! So your soap commercial was right on time for me!
        And this might be personal – but what kind of soap do you use?


        1. I use liquid soap, either Irish Spring or Old Spice Swagger. Sometimes both at once. For a long time I used Lever 2000, but the bar is a little difficult to handle with one hand.


          1. Oh yes – liquid
            Better – and I didn’t realize you had one hand in use (hence the blog name!!)
            And a while ago I posted about soap because our nephew came
            And he had never seen bar soap before! He was 8 and only had ever used Liquid soap

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  3. Congratulations John and The Week That Was. Seven years is of this post is quite something!
    As for Camay Soap , soap for beautiful women….really what about all us plain Jane’s ? 🤣🤣 Have a good week 😘

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    1. Mom used it for years, and she was no Catherine Deneuve, though she was an attractive woman. and “Plain Jane” is a state of mind.


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