Writer’s Workshop: Pepper, Part 2

Pepper. Source: Me

Everyone seemed to like hearing about Pepper last week, so I’m not using one of the promopts this week, so we can talk more about her.

Pepper was just a happy cat. She didn’t cause trouble, didn’t get in fights, used the box, and gave Mary and me attention whenever she had a chance. She was very soft to the touch, a little bushy perhaps. Even when she got past ten years old, she still had enough kitten in her that she was fun to have around.

We took in a stray cat who was pregnant, and she had five kittens. When we first let the kittens venture out of the back bedroom, Pepper saw Tuffy, a muted calico, and "adopted" her. She didn’t try and take her from Judy, she was more like a babysitter or a nanny. Pepper was only a couple of years old at the time, and it was cute seeing the two of them together.

She disappeared for several days and, being the observant pet parents that we were, we didn’t notice. In our defense, we were a multiple-cat household (the actual number is a military secret). I’m sure you’ve heard of parents with a lot of kids who leave one of them at a rest area, and no one realizes it for about ten miles. It was kind of like that. We were having work done on one of the bathrooms, which included putting in new tile. That involved taking the old tile out, exposing part of the "skeleton" of the house. At some point, Pepper decided she’d have a little adventure and spent several days crawling through the bowels of the house, eventually popping her head out of an opening in the ceiling.

She was a great comfort to me while I was recuperating from my stroke. I was staying in a room we had set up in the basement (the same handymen did the work), and every day she would run down there and sit with me. She was the only member of the gang who did so.

Not long after I had my stroke, Pepper started having respiratory issues, kind of like asthma. We took her to a respiratory specialist and we got a bronchodilator (a pill, not a machine) for her. She’d do fine for a while, then she’d start having more issues, and it was back to the vet…

Finally, one cloudy morning, she was having severe problems. Mary took her and rushed to the vet. And a funny thing happened: a minute or so after Mary left, the clouds cleared up and the sun was shining brightly. When Mary got home, she let me know that Pepper had died while she was on her way to the vet. I figured out that the time Pepper died was about the same time it cleared up and got sunny.

Did Pepper have anything to do with that? Was the joy at the Rainbow Bridge so great that it cleared up the clouds?

You can’t convince me otherwise…

14 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Pepper, Part 2

  1. Well and here I had gone and gave Pepper her own prompt this week so that I could get Part 2. I didn’t realize you had posted it. lol She sounds like a sweetheart. I think sometimes we have pets that are just regular animals and then sometimes we have pets that are little soulmates. I swear our grey kitty Oliver knows when we’re under the weather and stays close. Our black and white Cat, Cow, just knocks stuff off of shelves regardless of how we feel. I can only imagine the surprise you felt when she popped out of the ceiling.


    1. If you can wait until 12:30 AM your time, that’s when this week’s contribution comes out, and I put in a bunch of pictures of her. Pepper was a little doll, no trouble, low maintenance, nothing but a positive influence, and I just loved her. So did Mary. Funny that, when they start ailing and need extra attention, they go to her. When they’re doing well, they don’t mind coming to me. Molly, who we have now, won her spot in the house by being all lovey-dovey to me. Now that she’s older and a little more needy, she hangs out with Mary (I think because Mary dishes out the treats…)


  2. It’s so tough when we see a furbabe go downhill and you know what’s coming. It must have been so tough on you since she came to sit with you and comfort you. She could have been an animal that helps people-service animal. I miss my Wallace right now and look for him every morning. It takes time. You know, my dad died on April 30, 1988. It was rainy and just overall, blecchy (my scientific word). We got the call to come right away(my brother’s ex was with him). We got there in time to see him pass. Right after he passed, the clouds parted and it became sunny and warm. I will never forget that.


  3. Awww, very sweet memories about Pepper, I can relate how special are some cats, 2 years ago we lost our dear Jaspe, the day she crossed the rainbow bridge, as we went to pick her and my daughter from the vet hospital, we saw a cloud that strongly resembled a prancing kitty. We took it as a sign that our little warrior cat was soaring to the sky.

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