Song of the Day: Julian Lennon, “Too Late For Goodbyes”

Happy 59th birthday to Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon from his first marriage to Cynthia. "Too Late For Goodbyes" is from his first album, 1984’s Valotte, and was his most successful single, reaching #5 on the Hot 100, #1 on the US Adult Contemporary chart, #6 in Canada and the UK, and #13 in Australia.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Julian Lennon, “Too Late For Goodbyes”

  1. I didn’t know this was his most successful single. I remember Valotte well and then this one. He had some really good albums later on but they never got played.


    1. I think he’s done seven albums already, and we hear is these two songs. I had the Valotte album and I thought it was pretty good, actually.


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