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One of the first things that a financial planner will tell you is to write your Last Will and Testament as soon as you can, because it tells your survivors where your stuff goes when you die. There are do-it-yourself will kits, but most people go to a lawyer to have it drawn up, because they know all the right things to say and the right way to say them, and knows all the right things to ask, like whether you want to be buried or cremated and who gets your stuff if the person you leave it to dies before you do.

Our situation is fairly simple: If I go first, Mary gets all my stuff, and if she dies, I get all her stuff. Whoever’s left standing then has to figure out what to do with all the stuff once they die.

To put this in more formal terms, the person making the will is the testator, the person who carries out the provisions of the will is the executor, and the people who get the testator’s stuff are the heirs. The formal term for "getting the testator’s stuff" is inheriting it. If you want to know more about that, talk to your lawyer.

Mom, Dad, and me at my Aunt Jinx’s wedding. I was the ring bearer. Cute little bastard, wasn’t I?

You inherit things from your parents when they’re still alive. I have blue eyes because my mother did. Dad’s were hazel, like his mother’s, but I think my grandfather Tom might have had blue eyes, because Jim, Kip, and I all have blue eyes. Pat, Mom’s son with her second husband Jack, has brown eyes because his father did, and brown eyes are dominant over blue.

I had originally had the bright idea of trying to explain that, then I remembered that fifty years ago, when I was taking biology, I tried to explain it, and made a fool of myself in front of my classmates. I did get a C on the paper, but then I got a lot of C’s in high school. Anyway, if you want to read an article on it, try this one. Find someone who can explain it to you, because I can’t…

My father also had a rather prominent nose, and on more than one occasion said "Thank God none of them got my nose!" Mom once said that he had small eyes, a big nose, thin lips and a widow’s peak, none of which was especially attractive on its own, but that you put them together, and he was quite a handsome man.

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  1. You were a handsome little fella! My grandmother has olive green eyes, all my 8 uncles inherited them, and my mother was the only one with hazel eyes. So, there was no chance of getting green eyes, either. About my grandparent´s will, we all preferred that my parents used that money for themselves instead of fighting about who got which of their 2 houses, etc.


  2. A will is so important because, here, in Canada, blood does get the goods but any money in one’s bank account goes to the government. I have seen to many people turn on one another because of the goods left over. It is so very sad.


  3. We made a trust and a will. My mom had a very old will but we girls knew what she wanted so we split it equally without problems.


  4. You were an adorable ring bearer!! When I took biology in college to get my six hours of science I remember Mendel’s peas. For some unknown reason, that was interesting to me. The rest of it not so much. My brown eyed father in law and blued eyed mother in law had B who inherited blue eyed. Appears pappa had the recessive blue eyes gene.


  5. When I saw your word I immediately thought of ‘Inherit the Wind’ then ‘inherit the earth’. What a great family photo. You were a cute little guy! (I have my mother’s hazel eyes).


  6. We did our will a couple years ago. Fortunately my mother had a straight-forward will that made distribution of assets among the siblings an easy process. And we didn’t squabble about any of it. Sad when families get into big fights over who gets what.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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