E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt No. 19 #em-srp

E. M. has questions this year about "High School Days"…

What is one thing you remember about your first day of high school? Taking the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) to and from school. It entailed taking the Rapid Transit (i.e. the train) from Loyola to Roosevelt and the #12 Roosevelt bus about a mile to school, then in the afternoon doing the same thing in reverse. I had always had a two or three block walk to school, now I was riding to the other side of town, and to a more "urban" environment. It was eye-opening.

Which way is the train going? You can make it go either way…

Did you participate in extracurricular activities or sports in high school? I was in debate and band in Freshman year. My debate partner and I argued with each other more than with our opponents, and no one was happier than he was when I quit to join the band. After Freshman year, nothing.

Kind of like Ed and me

Was Freshman hazing or initiations at trend at your high school? Strictly forbidden.

Did you attend your Senior Prom? If so, do you remember the theme? Yes, I went to the prom, and no, I don’t remember the theme. In fact, I don’t think there was one. Our prom was the night of graduation, after we had graduated. I remember at one point thinking, "hey, I graduated high school, what am I doing at a high school dance?"

The two sides of Senior Prom

Is there a favorite memory from your high school days? Meeting a girl on AFS (American Field Service, the people who brought in kids from outside the country) weekend (no, she was a girl from the area and we were classmates), slipping outside on a warm but blustery night, and making out…

I wasn’t quite as cute, she was much cuter.

Time to blow this popsicle stand…

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  1. I hated high school due to being badly bullied but I remember dressing up in my uniform and being excited. Me and sports….hmm…hahahaaA. There was some antics for the newbies but I hid away. I heard they put Nair in one person’s hair. I’m glad you had a makeout session…I was dreaming about that. My prom was fun even though bi went with 2 girls- a future nun and a future arsonist.


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