The Palm Sunday Week That Was

Now here are Poppin’ Fresh and Maureen (Marcia Marcia Marcia) McCormick for Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven, and Pillsbury says it best!

The first full week of the A to Z Challenge is in the books, and I’m feeling a little harried. It’s normal for this time of the year, and I’m actually hanging in there pretty well.

Normal people try to curtail their regular activities during the A to Z Challenge. I’ve joined several new bloghops in addition to A to Z and all the regular blogging I do. I must be out of my tiny little mind…

Anyway, I’ve seen a good number of blogs so far, and those of you doing the A to Z Challenge are doing a great job. Keep it up!

That’s all I have for now. Now it’s time for

Thanks to:

And that wraps up this edition of The Week That Was.

7 thoughts on “The Palm Sunday Week That Was

  1. What a week of the week that was. I laughed at this Monty Python style sketch showcasing one of them dressed up like a woman…well in a pink outfit. Seeing the Pillsbury Doughboy made me want to get out my tiny spear gun and smack it right into his plump gut. I am evil


    1. Python did a lot of drag humor. I think it’s a carryover from the “public school days,” as they might say…

      I want to fight him and take Maureen McCormick away from him.


  2. With the exception of Friday, I did A to Z along with my usual nonsense. You’ll get no appeal to sanity from me. The more you write, the more we get to read. 🙂


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