Top Ten Tuesday: KIOA (940 AQM Des Moines, IA), 4/18/59

KIOA-AM is now KPSZ, "Hope 940," a Christian station. KIOA-FM, at 93.3 FM, is where they’re still playing classic hits. For a while in the ’70’s, the FM station was simulcasting the AM station until 1976, when the AM station dropped the Top 40 format. Here’s their Top Ten from April 18, 1959.

  1. The Virtues, “Guitar Boogie Shuffle”
  2. The Kingston Trio, “Tijuana Jail”
  3. The Impalas, “Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)”
  4. Pat Boone, “For A Penny”
  5. Thomas Wayne, “Tragedy”
  6. Fabian, “Turn Me Loose”
  7. Elvis Presley, “I Need Your Love Tonight”
  8. Ricky Nelson, “It’s Late”
  9. Tommy Dee, “Three Stars”
  10. Dave “Baby” Cortez, “The Happy Organ”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for April 12, 2022.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: KIOA (940 AQM Des Moines, IA), 4/18/59

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these songs since I can’t connect to my job’s network. It doesn’t recognize me at all. My work should have had this all prepared before I started.


    1. That’s inexcusable, for a place of employment not to have everything ready for a new person, especially the technical stuff. You can’t work without access to their network and files. Glad you enjoyed the music!


  2. This was before I started paying attention to the record charts so I don’t remember these songs too well. Except for “The Happy Organ”–seems like that was often used for theme music and other such places.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. Elvis Presley’s “I Need Your Love Tonight” is such a classic! Thanks for sharing this, will check out this station!


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