TV Draft Round 3 – Pick 1 – Hogan’s Heroes

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Welcome to the Hanspostcard TV Draft. The remaining 8 rounds will be posted here. We will have 64 different TV Shows by 8 different writers. I hope you will enjoy it! Today’s post was written by John from

  • SHOW: Hogan’s Heroes
  • RUN: 1965-1971

This was as unlikely a hit show as you could find: A sitcom set in a Luftwaffe prison camp in Nazi Germany during World War II. They actually used the tagline “If You Liked World War II, You’ll Love Hogan’s Heroes.” Yet, it found an audience and lasted on CBS for six years until Norman Lear convinced the network that their viewers would rather see a sitcom about a bigot from Queens than Hogan’s Heroes, or any show that had anything to do with rural people.

Hogan’s Heroes was inspired by the movie The Great Escape, where Allied…

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3 thoughts on “TV Draft Round 3 – Pick 1 – Hogan’s Heroes

  1. I always enjoyed this show. We watched that episode where Hogan is a bad gestapo nut. It’s too funny. Clary is still alive and was, I think, in Bergen/Belsen camp. The very fat gestapo guy got that scar from being interrogated by nazis


    1. Robert Clary is the only one from the original cast that’s still alive. Kenneth Washington, who replaced Ivan Dixon, is still alive as well. Leon Askin, who I think is the “fat Gestapo guy,” was a fine actor. The Germans all joined the US military; they were the real heroes…


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