A Nose For Noes #socs

Did you know wine has a nose? It’s the combination of "scents and aromas that a glass of wine gives off," according to this site. You often hear people say that you have to give wine time to breathe, so a nose is essential, I guess.

There was some news channel (I forget whether it was one of the Big Three or a more local one) that advertised that they were the "channel for people with a nose for news." Seems that nowadays the "news" is more "rumor, innuendo, and gossip." And that goes for both ends of the political spectrum and everyone in between. Give me "who, what, when, whee, why, and how" and let me figure out how to feel about it.

Remember this commecial?

Linda runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now here’s Monty Hall for Chase & Sanborn instant coffee, with natural coffee aroma!

14 thoughts on “A Nose For Noes #socs

  1. Cheers to the wine nose – I learned about that on a cruise when we took a wine tasting class. I agree with you on the way news should be shared. It’s quite pathetic lately. I don’t remember either one of those commercials, but they are fun to watch. My grandparents loved instant coffee. Happy Belated Easter to you and Mary. I hope you had a nice day.


    1. There was a generation that loved instant coffee. The explanation I got was that guys who had served in WWII were used to it because that’s what came in their rations. I always thought Folger’s did good instant coffee, and Grandma Holton loved Taster’s Choice.

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      1. Ah, yes, that explains the instant coffee. My grandfather had a special routine when he made it cup every morning. Folger’s in your cup song can trigger an earworm for me. That’s nice you have happy memories of Grandma Holton!

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  2. I’ve subscribed to 1440 news which is supposed to be just the fact and unbiased. They do okay screening stories from other sources. It’s better than news from the mainstream networks. I still have to go hunting for the good news.


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