Song Lyric Sunday: Chris Rea, “On The Beach”

Jim got today’s prompt from Amy, "Beach, Surf, Swimming." This gives me a chance to play one of my favorite records, Chris Rea’s "On The Beach." It’s the title track from his 1986 album. He re-recorded the song in 1988 for his album New Light Through Old Windows and released it as a single, which reached #9 on the US Adult Contemporary chart in 1989. I love the groove of this song, almost a sway…

Between the eyes of love I call your name
Behind the guarded walls I used to go
Upon a summer wind there’s a certain melody
Takes me back to the place that I know
Down on the beach

The secrets of the summer I will keep
The sands of time will blow a mystery
No-one but you and I
Underneath that moonlit sky
Take me back to the place that I know
On the beach

Forever in my dreams my heart will be
Hanging on to this sweet memory
A day of strange desire
And a night that burned like fire
Take me back to the place that I know
On the beach

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And that’s Song Lyric Sunday and Song of the Day for April 17, 2022.

24 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Chris Rea, “On The Beach”

  1. I love the video aesthetics, that is how I dream of what a perfect beach and ocean look like. I like this song, love Chris’s vocals.


  2. I still have this album recorded on to a cassette by an old friend. I’m not sure why he recorded it for me. I guess he liked it at the time and wanted to share. Just didn’t seem like the type of thing he would have normally recorded and sent to me. Now I can’t ask him because he apparently doesn’t want to have any contact with me anymore. Kind of weird, but some people get weird sometimes.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. As Mary says, sometimes you meet a person for a season: they aren’t meant to be a permanent part of your life, just someone to get you through a specific time.


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