#TBTMemory: Going, Going, Gone

Maggie says this is an easy one:

This week think about objects or places you miss having in your life. It could be a favorite toy, a photograph, a favorite hang-out, a favorite store or shop, a collectible, a favorite pair of jeans, or old movie ticket stubs. It can be anything your little heart desires. Write about one thing or write about a few. You’re running the show this week!

From several of the posts that I’ve seen, I think we’ve decided not to include people in the list of "things we miss," or I would say my mother, who died 22 years ago today. So let’s move on…

I got enough money in gifts for my 8th grade graduation that I was able to buy myself a stereo: a Panasonic tuner and a Garrard turntable. I spent hours listening to the radio and records on it. When I got married, I brought it to our new home and set it up in the living room. Gradually I replaced the tuner and turntable and added a tape deck.

Around the time I got it all set up, we got three new kittens. One of them, Moe, liked biting through the speaker cords, so for a while I would replace the speaker cords and all would be OK. It got to where every time I wanted to listen to the stereo, I’d have to replace the speaker cords.

One day, I finally had enough, but rather than getting rid of the cat (who was an adorable little tuxedo that I loved more than the stereo), I got rid of the stereo, giving it away to whoever wanted a piece of it. I then bought a little all-in-one unit with a turntable, CD player, and tape deck, and kept the speakers close enough to where little Mosey-Doodles wouldn’t be tempted to chew through the cords.

Recently, I’ve been ruminating on my misspent youth, and realized I really miss that stereo, and all the records and tapes that I had (which became redundant after I moved all my music to my hard drive and Apple Music). It was more than just a stereo to me, I think; it was a part of my life. And I miss that part of my life.

I really could have used Bluetooth back then, you know?

Image by Egle P. from Pixabay

14 thoughts on “#TBTMemory: Going, Going, Gone

  1. Thanks for taking part in Throwback Thursday. It is interesting that we get rid of things we later regret. I remember my mom putting a towel around chords that the cats like to chew through.


    1. It’d probably still work, although I’d probably have to put a different needle in the turntable because I think Garrard is out of business, and even if they aren’t most likely hasn’t made that cartridge since the ’70’s. The tuner and amplifier would still be functional, I’ll bet. Like you say, that stuff was built to last.

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  2. I miss my family home in the country…..oh well. I loved my all in one stereo that had a turntable, cassettes, actual am/fm radio and an 8 track. It had a clock on it and o ce, a friend touched it, got a spark and the clock started spinning quickly. It did that for close to 10 years before the stereo gave up.


  3. I get it. There was something special about that era of music and advances in stereo equipment. The only thing I don’t miss are the oversized speakers. And cats! They can be so lovable and so mischievous at times. Great throwback post, John.


  4. Great days eh? We had a stereo with all the separate bit, then we had a music centre ending up like you with an all in one.
    Our eldest son has now got himself a turntable , amp and tuner plus a vinyl record washer? ….what goes around comes around 💜💜💜

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