Five For Friday: Acoustic Guitar from Pandora

I recently resubscribed to Pandora, and was surprised to find that, after how many years it had been since I unsubscribed and essentially didn’t listen to them, they still had a record of all the songs I had listened to then, in a playlist called Thumbprint Radio. Apparently, I was really into acoustic guitar back then, because as I started listening, there was a huge chunk of my playlist that was acoustic music. I figured to grab five of the songs for today’s playlist.

  1. The Duo-Tones, "Walk, Don’t Run"
  2. Jim Steinke, "Sweet Georgia Brown"
  3. Brooks Williams, "Magpie"
  4. Doyle Dykes, "Gitarre 2000"
  5. Tommy Emmanuel, "Windy And Warm"

And that’s Five For Friday, April 22, 2022.

4 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Acoustic Guitar from Pandora

  1. I enjoyed listening to this. Funny that it remembered everything. It just shows how we are not that private nowadays.


    1. They kept my account around all the time I didn’t listen to them. Maybe if I had closed my account that would all go away. But I’m kind of glad I didn’t.


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