Too! To! Two Mints In One! #socs

Little Caesar’s Pizza Mascot

Linda’s comments from yesterday say "Today’s prompt is a repeat from six and a half years ago. I bet you don’t remember what your post was about if you were around back then!" Well, it was November 21, 2015, in fact, and yes, I DO remember what it was about, and as for her instruction, "And if you do? Sorry. Come up with something else. Haha!" I’m going to repeat it anyway. Haha! But you know me: I’ll add to it, subtract from it, and have all kinds of fun with it.

Before I begin, the little fellow at the top of the page is the corporate mascot of Little Caesar’s, a national pizza chain here in the US (I think it’s called Pizza! Pizza! in Canada). Originally, you got two square pizzas for the price of one. The chain was based in Detroit, which is also where another national pizza chain, Domino’s, is based. The owner of Domino’s at one time owned the Major League Baseball Detroit Tigers, and when he was divesting himself of all his assets (to build churches in Africa or South America, I can’t remember which), he sold the Tigers to the owner of Little Caesar’s. I thought he was going to rename them the Detroit Tigers! Tigers! and start scoring twice as many runs, but that would have been too easy. In fact, they had ceased operations (at least in this part of the country) for some time and, when they returned, you only got one pizza for the price of one. They had some hilarious commercials, including this one…

Best part of that commercial, for me, is the old guy with his pants pulled up to his nipples, going "hey!" about halfway through. Breaks me up every time.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled rerun…

Remember Certs?

Anyone know exactly what Retsyn was? It was some sort of breath freshener. Wikipedia says it’s a mix of copper gluconate, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and flavor, and that the green flecks in the mint come from the copper. I had a friend who used to carry these with him everywhere when we were in grammar and high school. They tasted pretty good, but I don’t think they did a very good job of keeping breath fresh. I had another friend who used to chew whole cloves for bad breath. Not as bad as it sounds. Like Clove gum, flavored with cloves. But, back to Certs… I haven’t seen them around recently, but then I haven’t been going to the store with Mary.

It drives me crazy when people misuse “to” for “too,” and vice versa. You get a lot of that on Facebook, and sometimes from people that you know are reasonably well-educated. Mary, who reads novels all the time, can’t believe the number of writers – writers! – who get it wrong. I’m sure it keeps the editors busy.

From 1973, Mocedades, “Eres Tú,” sung by Amaya Uranga. This finished second in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest, four points behind the local favorite, “Tu Te Reconnaîtras” by Luxembourg’s Anne-Marie David. I guess we can add “tu” or “tú” to “to/two/too”…

The ever-indulgent Linda brings us Stream of Consciousness Saturday each week. Now a word about Wrigley’s Doublemint gum!

19 thoughts on “Too! To! Two Mints In One! #socs

  1. They are called Little Caesar’s here too but the guy always says “Pizza, Pizza.” I love that commercial with the poodle and remember it well. It always cracked me up. I used to buy certs all the time but I don’t see them any more but I do buy the life savers mint. I never liked that gum but I bought it often…go figure


  2. Little Caesar’s here was not worth anything. It was awful. I like the old commercials. I can still recite all the jingles. Maybe that’s why I have no brain space for new things. LOL


  3. I used the gum one when I was having a double birthday party for my kids. One was born in July and one in August so sometimes we combined them in the middle.


    1. I found a couple with the original jingle (“Double your pleasure, double your fun…”) but whoever posted them added his own open and close, so I didn’t use them…

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  4. Back in the nineties when I was a single father raising my three daughters Little Caesars was a frequent dinner go to for us. We had a Little Caesars outlet right close to where we lived so I could stop on the way home from work to pick up one of the double specials and we’d have dinner that night and lunch for the next day.

    Now, after having gotten married and seeing off our kids into adulthoods of their own, Little Caesars has three outlets very close to our house. My wife who doesn’t like pizza all that much does kind of like their special pizza that is half cheese bread pizza and half pepperoni. Something we each like in one nice package. And it’s dinner and lunch for the both of us at something like $8. A bargain in these times.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I can see where the “two pizzas for one price” would be a Godsend, and having that half pizza half cheesy bread works well for the both of you, especially if you get two meals out of it.


  5. I remember that Little Cesar’s commercial. Too funny. My aunt and uncle had poodles. So the poodle at the end still cracks me up. I’d forgotten the two pizzas meal deal. We go there now and it’s $5.55 for one.


    1. The one that makes me nuts is “our’s.” And “it’s” for “its” and vice versa. English can be a bear sometimes, but if you learn the rules, the rest is easy…

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