Top Ten Tuesday: WMBM (1490 AM, Miami, FL), 4/29/67

WMBM in Miami is now a Gospel station, but from the ’60’s to the ’80’s they broadcast an R&B format. Here’s their Top 10 from April 29, 1967.

  1. Little Beaver, “I Feel My Love”
  2. Booker T. & The M.G.s, “Hip Hug-Her”
  3. Percy Sledge, “Out Of Left Field”
  4. Bobby Bland, “You’re All I Need”
  5. Mighty Sam, “Talk To Me”
  6. Timmy Norman, “I’m Coming Home”
  7. Fantastic Four, “Whole World Is A Stage”
  8. L. H. and Memphis Sound, “Double Up”
  9. William Bell, “Everybody Loves A Winner”
  10. Aretha Franklin, “Respect”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for April 26, 2022.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WMBM (1490 AM, Miami, FL), 4/29/67

    1. Maybe the key is to throw in an R&B station, or a C&W station, every once in a while. A lot of these were songs I hadn’t heard because they hadn’t crossed over to the Pop stations.


    1. Glad you liked them! I chose an R&B station this time, and it seems to have gone over well. I wasn’t familiar with these songs and only with a couple of artists (Percy Sledge, Bobby Bland, Aretha).


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