#atozchallenge: Inzombia

Slant 6 was a "riot grrrl" power trio from Washington, DC, consisting of Christina Billotte on guitar and vocals, Myra Power on bass and vocals, and Marge Marshall on drums and trumpet. Inzombia (1995) was their second and last album on Dischord Records. Here is the title track, for your listening enjoyment. The entire album is available out there as well.

Inzombia is also the name of the 2016 mixtape by Palestinian-Canadian rapper Belly. I’ve linked it above, for your further enjoyment.

And with that, I’ve completed the A to Challenge for 2022! Thanks for reading!

25 thoughts on “#atozchallenge: Inzombia

  1. Hi John – congratulations on your hosting of the A-Z, and for completing the month with all your posts. Interesting to note the Palestinian/Canadian band Inzombia … cheers Hilary


  2. You did have a very interesting theme for this year’s challenge. The posts that I read I did enjoy. I’m not familiar with this group or song, but it does fit well as a good end to the challenge! Thank you for your hard working helping to put it on! I really enjoyed this year’s challenge and while the jury is still out if I’ll be doing next year’s, it was great to be part of the 2022 A2Z challenge!



    1. Thanks! I try to choose themes where I get to write on a number of topics, so I focus on the word rather than a specific topic. I hoper you’ll join us next year!


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